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Eye Protection  Collection



We carry a huge selection of Eye Protection gear, like glasses and goggles that protect your eyes from most splashes, debris, and dust to eliminate injuries on the job. Brands you know and trust, like 3M, Honeywell, MCR, North, Uvex, and more available at with fast, Canada-wide shipping!

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{AssociatedObjectId: 44728F34977D4F01930158BAAFAEDBCC, AssociatedObjectType: category, Category: Safety/Eye-Protection/Lens-Cleaning, Id: 44728F34977D4F01930158BAAFAEDBCCdev, IndexKey: 44728F34977D4F01930158BAAFAEDBCCdev, Priority: 20, Title: Lens Cleaning, Type: collection, Url: ~\Lens-Cleaning}

{AssociatedObjectId: 4545A49A16A8425D9CFCFBFCC9A2F90B, AssociatedObjectType: category, Category: Safety/Eye-Protection/Polarized-Safety-Glasses, Id: 4545A49A16A8425D9CFCFBFCC9A2F90Bdev, IndexKey: 4545A49A16A8425D9CFCFBFCC9A2F90Bdev, Priority: 10, Title: Polarized Safety Glasses, Type: collection, Url: ~\Polarized-Safety-Glasses}

{AssociatedObjectId: 3FB6B758FC2E4D97B793B81223C545D4, AssociatedObjectType: category, Category: Safety/Eye-Protection/Protective-Eyewear-Accessories, Id: 3FB6B758FC2E4D97B793B81223C545D4dev, IndexKey: 3FB6B758FC2E4D97B793B81223C545D4dev, Priority: 0, Title: Protective Eyewear Accessories, Type: collection, Url: ~\Protective-Eyewear-Accessories}