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  • Empty Rack
  • XMT Rack conveniently houses multiple power sources for multiple welders. This is an ideal system for onsite applications including construction and shipbuilding.
  • Custom build your own rack by mix and matching XMT 304 CC/CV, 350 CC/CV, 350 VS, 350 MPa, 450 CC/CV and 450 MPa. (Rack holds a maximum of four of the XMT 450 models.)
  • All racks with factory-equipped power sources include fuses to provide primary power line protection for each inverter power supply on 460 or 575 VAC. (XMT 304 and 350: 20-amp fuses, XMT 450: 30-amp fuses.) Four-rack and six-rack models are available and come with two lift eyes for transportation and rugged skids for dragging or pushing.
  • Lift truck side and end pockets in base for forklift loading and worksite repositioning. Rack roof panel and power source shelves are fabricated from galvanized steel and painted for added protection in harsh environments.
  • Liquid-tight strain reliefs designed to resist salt water, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents are provided on both the welding power source and electrical junction box
  • Isolated work terminal provides a connection point for common workpiece construction
  • Meets IP23 which is more stringent than IP23S or IP23M ratings
  • One connection allows up to six inverters to be connected with one primary power drop

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Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Net Weight
279 lb. (127 kg)
Can contain XMT 304 or 350 (6 units); XMT 450 (4 units).
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