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ESAB 248005035 .045 6.8KG D/S 7100

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  • AWS E71T-1CH8/T-9M-D
  • Dual Shield 7100 Ultra is an all-position E71T-9 flux cored welding wire developed for higher deposition rates and improved welding productivity
  • Like many other Dual Shield products, Dual Shield 7100 Ultra operates in a wider parameter range and generates less welding fumes than many similar welding wires
  • The low spatter levels and easy slag removal minimizes post weld cleanup
  • Dual Shield 7100 Ultra can be used with either 100% CO2 or 75% Ar/25% CO2
  • This versatility in gas selection provides the fabricator greater flexibility in choosing both wire and gas
  • Applications include railcar and earth moving equipment, as well as general structural steel fabrication
  • Dual Shield 7100 Ultra is tested and certified to meet the new AWS A5.20 ‘D’ designation requirements, making this gas-shielded wire an excellent choice for demand critical welds when FEMA 353, D1.1 or D1.8 Seismic Supplement is utilized

  • Product details

Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Elongation % in 2”
26 & 26
Package Weight
6.8 kg
Shielding Gas
100% CO2 & 75% Ar / 25% CO2
Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa)
85 (585) & 88 (605)
Yield Strength, ksi (MPa)
75 (515) & 78 (540)
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