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ESAB 35FA12982V .045 15KG SHIELD B.316L

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  • Shield-Bright 316L was developed for the welding of Type 316L stainless steel but can be used for other stainless steels including Types 316 and 304L.
  • In a few cases, e.g. nitric acid service, Shield-Bright 316L should not be used to weld 304L.
  • It contains molybdenum which resists pitting corrosion induced by sulphuric and sulphurous acids, chlorides and cellulose solutions.
  • Used widely in the rayon, dye and paper making industries.
  • Typical Mechanical Properties: As Welded: 75% Ar / 25% CO2; Yield Strength, ksi (MPa): 65 (450); Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa): 85 (580); Elongation % in 2": 40

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Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Package Weight
33 lb (15 kg)
Wire Diameter
0.045 in (1.14 mm)
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