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ESAB 92582520L0 OK92.58 3/32" .7KG ROD

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  • A nickel-iron-cored electrode for joining normal grades of cast iron, such as grey, ductile and malleable irons.
  • It is also suitable for the rectification and repair of these grades and for joining them to steel.
  • Deposition is performed on cold or slightly preheated cast iron.
  • The weld metal is stronger and more resistant to impurities than the nickel-cored type.
  • Mechanical Properties - Tensile Strength: 54 ksi, 375 MPa, Weld Metal Harness, a w: 180 HB.

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Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
12 in
Welding Current
AC¸ DC+ - OCV 50 V
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