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MILLER 209533 .035/.045 4 DR ROLL KIT

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  • Base selection of drive rolls upon the following recommended usages.
  • V-Grooved rolls for hard wire.
  • U-Grooved rolls for soft and soft shelled cored wires.
  • U-Cogged rolls for extremely soft shelled wires.
  • V-Knurled rolls for hard shelled cored wires.
  • Drive roll types may be mixed to suit particular requirement (example: V-Knurled roll in combination with U-Grooved).
  • 62 series feeders, Pipe Pro 12 RC (2 roll kits), 64, 74 series feeder, Pipe Pro Single, Pipe Pro Single DX, Pipe Pro Dual DX, Pipe Worx 400 and all Axcess Feeders (4 roll kit).
  • Dual-size reversible drive roll.

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