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  • Portable, all-process machine complete with MIG, flux-cored, stick, DC TIG, and AC TIG capabilities, which means it TIG welds aluminum.
  • True all-process - excellent performance on MIG, flux-cored, stick (including 6010 electrodes), DC TIG and AC TIG industrial applications.
  • Standard AC TIG features such as high frequency starting, balance adjustment, frequency adjustment and pulse.
  • sMIG technology - exclusive "smart MIG in feature continuously learns and adapts to the operator's welding technique to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.
  • Unmatched portability and durability with 5 handle roll cage.
  • TFT Multilingual Display has 4 programmable memory locations for each process, multi-language selection, trim adjustment, inductance control, pre/post flow control, and spot weld setting - giving you the ability to fine tune your welds for the most optimal performance.
  • Single phase input power.
  • DC - Direct current welding output.
  • AC - Alternating current weld output.
  • CSA approved.
  • Includes power supply, Tweco® Fusion® 180 Velocity™ MIG gun, electrode holder, Heliarc® HW-17 TIG torch outfit with accessory kit, foot control, 0.035 in wire, Atom Arc® 7018 electrodes, Victor® argon flowmeter regulator, 12.5 ft. hose, return clamp with leads, drive rolls and contact tips, and operator's manual.

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Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
AC TIG Functionality
1-99% (Balance Range)¸ 25-400 Hz (Frequency Range)¸ 1-500 p/s (Pulsed TIG (DC only))
Current Range
5-235 A
Dimensions (Imperial)
23 in (L) x 9 in (W) x 16 in (H)
Dimensions (Metric)
584 mm (L) x 229 mm (W) x 406 mm (H)
Efficiency at Max Current
Input Current Draw
30 A (27.6 A) @ 25% duty cycle
Lead Cord Length
6 ft (1.8 m)
Maximum Output
235 A/26.0 V (MIG)¸ 180 A/27.0 V (Stick)¸ 205 A/18.2 V (DC TIG)
MIG (GMAW/FCAW) Welding Output
205 A/24.3 V @ 25% duty cycle¸ 150 A/21.5 V @ 40% duty cycle¸ 125 A/20.3 V @ 60% duty cycle¸ 110 A/19.5 V @ 100% duty cycle
MIG Welding Voltage Range
12-26 V
Net Weight
49 lb (22 kg)
Open Circuit Voltage
68 V
Power Factor at Max Current
Primary Voltage
120/230 VAC 1 ph ±10%¸ 50/60 Hz
Protection Class
Rated kVA
4.98 kVA (recommended > 7 kVA generator)
STICK (SMAW) Welding Output
170 A/27.2V @ 25% duty cycle¸ 125 A/25.0V @ 60% duty cycle¸ 100 A/24.0V @ 100% duty cycle
TIG (GTAW) AC/DC Welding Output
205 A/18.2 V @ 25% duty cycle¸ 125 A/15.0 V @ 60% duty cycle¸ 110 A/14.4 V @ 100% duty cycle
Wire Feed Speed Range
80-475 ipm (20.0-120.0 m/minute)
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