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ESAB 0561000115 CADDYMIG C200I 230V W/QSET

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  • The CaddyMig C200i is an easy-to-use, intelligent and powerful machine for MIG welding mild steels, aluminum and stainless steel as well as MIG brazing
  • The unit is extremely portable, making the CaddyMig C200i an excellent choice for repair, maintenance, and assembly work - both in the workshop and while on the go
  • Made from advanced materials, the CaddyMig C200i's housing is lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant
  • The machine also includes a built-in cable for easy transportation
  • Weighing a little over 26 lbs. (12 kg), the CaddyMig C200i is the lightest welding unit in its output class
  • What really sets the CaddyMig C200i apart is its performance
  • The PFC (power factor correction) feature provides 30% more welding power from the same sized fuse
  • For easy operation, the CaddyMig C200i is equipped with QSet
  • You set the plate thickness and QSet will automatically set all of the welding parameters and automatically adjusts during the process to maintain the optimum wire/gas combination and prevent waste of resources
  • If you prefer, you can make adjustments with the wire feed speed and voltage
  • A single-phase input connection makes it easy to find an electrical source
  • And the machine performs equally as well when powered by a portable generator
  • The CaddyMig C200i is an efficient inverter power source
  • Inside the CaddyMig C200i's side panel is a wire feeder that fits a wire spool with an inner diameter of 2 in. (51 mm), an external diameter of 8 in. (200 mm), and a width of 2 1/8 in. (55 mm)
  • Ready to Weld package includes: 10 ft. MXL 180 torch, R-33-FM-580 regulator/flowmeter, 10 ft. cable with 6-20P plug. 14.5 ft. gas hose with 'B' male connector, 10 ft. return cable with clamp, simple shoulder strap, fitted wear parts in torch/feeder (for .030 in. wire) and instruction manual
  • Also includes 11 lb. spool of .030 in. (0.8 mm) ESAB MIG Wire so you can begin welding immediately
  • Control Panel Features: QSet automatically selects correct parameters for required wire/gas combination. Wire feed speed and welding voltage can also be set manually. Fine tune your weld with the heat adjustment knob.
  • Single phase input power
  • Direct current welding output
  • For constant voltage MIG, flux-cored, and subarc processes

  • Product details

Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
17.68”L x 7.8”W x 13.66”H
Efficiency at maximum current
Enclosure class
IP 23
Fuse (slow)
Input Voltage
230V¸ 1 phase¸ 50/60 Hz
Max size of the wire wheel
Maximum Welding Output
Open circuit power
Open circuit voltage
Operating temperature
- 10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
Permitted load duty cycle @
25%: 180A/23V 100%: 100A/19V
Power factor at maximum current
Setting range
30 - 200A
Weight with torch and cables
26 lbs
Wire feed speed
78 - 472 in./min.
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