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  • Quiet fuel-efficient all-in-one that maintains power capabilities in a compact lightweight footprint, and is backed by the industry-leading reliability and performance customers expect.
  • Maximize available payload. Reduce weight by up to 600 pounds and increase available payload by up to 24 cubic feet.
  • Reduce fuel consumption. Minimize fuel costs by reducing truck engine idle time by as much as 75% or if you have a separate engine-driven compressor by only operating one engine.
  • Minimize operating costs. Potentially save more than $50,000 over ten years from increased fuel efficiency, decreased maintenance costs, and increased asset life.
  • Professional appearance. The components of the Bobcat 200 Air Pak are concealed within a durable, environment-resistant, precision-engineered enclosure.
  • Industrial products are suitable for applications that do not require high-volume production. They typically have a 40 to 60% duty cycle and/or rated output of 300 amps or lower. Industrial products are an appropriate choice for professional welders.
  • AIR COMPRESSOR: The Bobcat 200 Air Pak features a 30-cfm rotary-screw compressor that can power virtually any air tool, including most 3/4 in impact wrenches. The rotary-screw air compressor provides air on demand and is more reliable. It allows techs to complete tasks without having to stop to let the compressor recover, improving their productivity.The Bobcat 200 Air Pak provides 20 cfm of air output at idle or 30 cfm at full speed.
  • BATTERY CHARGE/CRANK ASSIST: The Bobcat 200 Air Pak produces up to 100 amps of DC current to quickly charge 12 V and 24 V batteries. Jobsite equipment with weak batteries can get up to 300 A of crank assist.
  • GENERATOR POWER: The Bobcat 200 Air Pak provides a 6,500 W generator that can handle most jobsite electrical needs —electrical tools, lights, and more.Two 120 V duplex receptacles and one 120/240 V receptacle provide 60 Hzcurrent to support jobsite electrical tools, lights, and even high-demand applications like plasma cutters and TIG welders.
  • WELDER: The Bobcat 200 Air Pak provides multiprocess weld capabilities with 210 A of output (100 A while idling) so technicians are prepared for each welding job they encounter in the field. Inverter-based welding delivers a smooth, stable arc that's forgiving of variations in arc length and travel speed, so it's easier for technicians to produce clean welds and avoid the time and expense of rework.
  • AUTO-SPEED™: Advanced Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts engine speed to match weld and battery charge demands - reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and noise for safer, more efficient jobsites.
  • TESTING: Ruggedly built and rigorously tested to ANSI and CSA standards, the Bobcat 200 Air Pak is proven to withstand high temperatures, rain, salt, dust, impact, vibration and more. Its welding, auxiliary power, battery charging and crank assist systems are tested to meet the highest applicable industry safety standards.

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Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Dimensions (Imperial)
24.25 in (H) x 20 in (W) x 44.61 in (D)
Dimensions (Metric)
616 mm (H) x 508 mm (W) x 1¸133 mm (D)
Kohler gas engine
Height to Top of Exhaust (Imperial)
29.78 in
Height to Top of Exhaust (Metric)
756 mm
Net Weight (Without Fuel)
514 lb (253 kg)
Output Ranges
12/24 V
DC stick/TIG
Rated Weld Output at 104°F (40°C) [Rated at sea level]
Charge: 100 A | Crank assist: 300 A
Single-phase Generator Power
Peak: 8¸000 W | Continuous: 6¸500 W
Sound Levels at 7 m (23 ft)
Idle: 66 dB; High speed¸ no load: 72 dB; High speed¸ loaded: 73 dB
Welding Process
Battery charge/ crank assist
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