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  • Designed for manufacturing, our popular bench feeders are available in two series with multiple models to fit your needs.
  • Trigger hold allows the operator to make long welds without having to hold the trigger continuously. Reduces operator fatigue.
  • Miller® standard, quick-change drive rolls save time.
  • Quick-release drive-roll pressure arm allows drive roll change without losing spring preload setting.
  • Easy loading and threading of welding wire without having to release the drive roll pressure arm.
  • Each feeder includes a 15 foot Bernard Q400 (70 Series) MIG gun (two with dual wire models), plus a 10 foot 14 pin interconnecting cord.
  • Additional Features for 70 Series Feeders: Available in dual wire models which allows two different wire types to be available on one feeder, avoiding downtime from changing spools and drive rolls.
  • Toolless rotatable drive assembly allows operator to rotate the drive housing, allowing a straight path for wire flow.
  • High-torque permanent magnet motor, sealed ball bearing gear drive and solid state speed and brake control are maintenance free for long life.
  • Trigger dual schedule for easily changing weld parameters while welding. Achieves the best weld settings for different joint configurations. (DX and MPa models only.)
  • 74D.
  • Standard, simple feeders for most heavy-industrial applications, with the 74D providing increased accuracy and control of the most common weld parameters.
  • Digital meters (74D models only) ensure accuracy when presetting and reading actual voltage, amperage and wire feed speed.
  • Remote voltage control (74D models only) allows you to set both voltage and wire feed speed at the feeder, saving time and increasing weld quality because optimal weld parameters are easy to set.
  • Processes: MIG (GMAW), Flux-Cored (FCAW).
  • Comes Complete with: Models include Bernard Q400 (70 Series) MIG gun (two with D-74 models), .035/.045 in drive rolls and Centerfire contact tips.
  • Heavy industrial products are suited to high-volume production and/or welding of thicker materials. They typically have a duty cycle of 60 to 100% and a rated output of at least 300 amps. Heavy industrial products are designed with the arc characteristics and product features professional welders demand for code quality work.
  • Dual Wire.
  • Low speed motor required for 1/8" (3.2 mm) diameter wire (factory option).

  • Product details

Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Dimensions (Imperial)
14 in (H) x 21 in (W) x 35 in (D)
Dimensions (Metric)
356 mm (H) x 533 mm (W) x 889 mm (D)
Maximum Spool Size Capacity
60 lb (27 kg) coil with optional wire reel assembly #108008
Model Number
Net Weight
87 lb (39.5 kg)
Wire Diameter Range (Solid Steel)
0.023 in to 1/8 in (0.6 mm to 3.2 mm)
Wire Feed Speed
50-780 IPM (1.3-19.8 m/ min.)
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