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Bearing Buddy

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  • Bearing Buddy is designed for use on boat trailers, utility, horse, ATV trailers, as well as camping trailers, and other equipment and occasional use trailers.
  • Trailering even a short distance heats the hubs of your trailer and when they are submerged in water, the hubs suddenly cool.
  • This causes the air inside unprotected hubs to contract, forming a vacuum which draws in water through the rear seals.
  • Trailers which are not used regularly are also subject to bearing corrosion and failure from condensation moisture.
  • Bearing Buddy will prolong the life of your hubs by replacing the axle dust cap.
  • The hub is filled with grease through a zerk fitting in the piston of the Bearing Buddy.
  • This spring loaded piston holds a slight constant 3 lb. pressure inside the hub.
  • When wheels are submerged the pressure in the hub keeps water out.
  • Consult chart below for your application and part number – SOLD IN PAIRS.

  • Product details

Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Hub Bore Size (in)
2.441 in
Outer Bearing Cone
LM67048¸ hub counterbored
Outer Bearing Cup (Race)
LM67010¸ 15245¸ 15123 & others
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