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Welcome to OCS Academy Blog! Learn more about our products and its unique application!

Welcome to OCS Academy!

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Here you can learn additional information on many of the products we provide online.

Blog Array: [ id:[blog37], title;Keep Your Hands Conditioned with Joe’s Hand Cleaners, url;ocs-academy-blogs/about-joes-hand-cleaners, desc;Joe’s Hand Cleaners help to keep your hands clean, moisturized, and smelling great! How does Joe’s Hand Cleaners do this? Read more to find out., date;10/27/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;classes-in-cleaning, image;[ conditioned-with-joes_featured.jpg], type;, tags;[2021, cleaning, featured, hand-soap, october, personal-care-products]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog36], title;Stay HELLA Safe on the Roads!, url;ocs-academy-blogs/stay-HELLA-safe-on-the-roads, desc;No matter the weather, HELLA Automotive leads the way in lighting solutions for your vehicle. Find out the benefits of this great product line., date;10/20/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;just-for-truckers, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, featured, heavy-duty-fleet, heavy-duty-truck-horns, lighting, october, relays]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog35], title;Chemical Resistant Glove Standards Explained, url;ocs-academy-blogs/chemical-resistant-glove-standards-explained, desc;Understanding chemical resistant glove standards helps to ensure that you are selecting the right glove for your application. Here we discuss some of the recent chemical resistant glove standard updates., date;10/13/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;school-of-safety-supplies, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, chemical-resistant-gloves, featured, gloves-and-hand-protection, october, safety]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog34], title;What is a Chamois?, url;ocs-academy-blogs/what-is-a-chamois-and-how-to-use, desc;Whether you’re cleaning up your prized muscle car for the summer or just wiping down the dust on your Jeep, the chamois is the perfect addition to any auto detailing task. This time we discuss the ultra-absorbent drying power of this all-natural cloth., date;10/6/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;crash-courses-in-automotive, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, automotive, car-care, exterior-car-cleaning, october]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog33], title;The Riveting World of Marson Rivet Tools, url;ocs-academy-blogs/about-rivet-tools-and-fastening, desc;This time we are having a look at some of the wonderful fastening products from Marson. Specifically, blind rivets and the tools you need to work with them., date;9/29/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;fastening-forums, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, air-riveters, fastening, featured, hand-rivet-tools, pneumatic-tools, pneumatics, rivets, september, tools-shop-equipment-and-storage]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog32], title;Keeping an Eye on Eye Protection with 3M, url;ocs-academy-blogs/keep-your-eyesight-safe, desc;You can barely see when eye injuries are about to happen, this is why 3M offers a wide selection of safety eyewear to prevent damages to your eyes., date;9/22/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;school-of-safety-supplies, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, eye-protection, featured, protective-eyewear-accessories, safety, september]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog31], title;Say Good-Bye to Blind Spots with West Coast Mirrors, url;ocs-academy-blogs/eliminate-blind-spots-with-west-coast-mirrors, desc;Road safety applies to everyone, but having visibility on the road becomes especially challenging in a big rig. Find out how Cham-Cal mirrors can help you when you’re on the road., date;9/15/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;just-for-truckers, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, automotive, heavy-duty-fleet, mirrors, september]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog30], title;Irwin Circular Saw Blades a Cut Above the Rest, url;ocs-academy-blogs/about-irwin-circular-saw-blades, desc;One of the most important tools in a worker’s inventory is a good saw blade, and Irwin’s got you covered. Today we discuss the different features that make these blades a cut above the rest., date;9/8/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;tools-and-equipment-101, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, blades, circular-saw-blades, power-tools, september, tools-shop-equipment-and-storage]]