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Welcome to OCS Academy Blog! Learn more about our products and its unique application!

Welcome to OCS Academy!

The Knowledge You Need, for the Products You Use

Here you can learn additional information on many of the products we provide online.

Blog Array: [ id:[blog57], title;How To Jump Start Your Ride with Solar Booster Pacs, url;ocs-academy-blogs/jump-start-vehicle-with-solar-booster-pacs, desc;To survive a Canadian winter, you need to know that your car is going to start in the toughest conditions. Solar Booster Pac products are here to keep your vehicle on the road., date;5/11/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;tools-and-equipment-101, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, automotive, battery-booster-packs-and-chargers, how-to, jump-starters, may, shop-equipment-and-storage, tools]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog56], title;Repair Small Scale Scratch and Dent with Bondo, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-to-fix-small-scratches-and-dents-with-bondo, desc;Got a brand-new ding on your car, or an unsightly crack in your garage door? With 3M’s Bondo, these repairs are a breeze!, date;4/6/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;crash-courses-in-automotive, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, adhesives-and-sealants, april, auto-body-repair, automotive, car-care, featured, how-to, putties]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog55], title;How BMP Erosion Control Products Keep Drinking Water Safe, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-erosion-control-products-work, desc;Erosion control is vital for protecting our water and sewer systems. Read more to find out how BMP’s line of inlet protection systems keeps our environment clean., date;3/9/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;school-of-safety-supplies, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, absorbent-socks-and-booms, containment-booms, leak-diverters, march, portable-spill-container-units, safety, spill-control, spill-kits]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog54], title;Repair Brake Lines with BrakeQuip, url;ocs-academy-blogs/repair-brake-lines-using-brakequip-brake-hoses-and-fittings, desc;These days, everything is about go, go, GO! But stopping is just as important. This time we discuss BrakeQuip’s brake lines and tubing., date;2/23/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;hose-school, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, automotive-hose, brake-hose, february, hose-accessories, hose-and-fittings, tube-fittings]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog53], title;Safety Signs 101: Selecting Signage with Accuform, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-to-choose-a-safety-sign, desc;When it comes to Safety Signage material and size can mean everything. This time we cover the basics of selecting the proper safety sign for your application., date;2/16/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;intro-to-signs, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, february, how-to, safety, signs]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog52], title;How Pulleys Work, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-pulleys-work, desc;Don’t let gravity get you down—use a pulley to lighten that load! This time, we talk about how pulley systems work and how they can make lifting loads that much easier., date;2/9/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;modules-on-material-handling, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, february, material-handling, pulleys, rope, wire-rope-and-fittings]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog51], title;How to Use Behringer Pipe Clamps, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-to-use-behringer-pipe-clamps, desc;This time we're clamping down on the facts about Behringer pipe clamps. These clamps can be used in several different applications from low-pressure lubrication and water systems to high-pressure hydraulic and process systems., date;2/2/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;hose-school, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, behringer, february, hose-and-fittings, how-to, tube-and-pipe-clamps]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog50], title;Baffin Boots for Canadian Climates, url;ocs-academy-blogs/about-industrial-baffin-boots, desc;Baffin boots were created to provide protection against Canada’s uncompromising landscapes and rugged climate. This time we do a deeper dive into the many layers of Baffin boots., date;1/26/2022 12:00:00 AM, category;world-of-work-wear, image;[], type;, tags;[2022, boots-and-shoes, canadian-made, footwear, january, rubber-boots, winter-boots, work-wear]]