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The Riveting World of Marson Rivet Tools

fastening forums | Posted: 9/29/2021

Now, most of you have seen a rivet in its final resting place, and if you haven’t maybe you’ve just never noticed! You can find them all around you; on ladders, lockers, airplanes, and more! Bolting is the most common form of fastening but it is restrictive because you need to thread a nut on the end. But to do this you’d need to have access to both sides of the material.

Parts of a Rivet

Main Parts of a Rivet

rivet has two main components: the head and the mandrel. The longer stem is the mandrel and it’s the part that’s going to get snapped off when you install the rivet. This other section is called the head and it’s going to be expanding inside your joint which will fasten the two components together. Pretty easy, right? Well, that’s why people love using them! All you have to do is put the mandrel in the gun, place it inside your pre-drilled hole, squeeze the handle, and boom! There you have it, or should I say “pop! There you have it.”

Types of Rivets

Blind rivets are ideal for projects where access is limited to only one side. They are popular because they install quickly and easily; provide strong, reliable fastenings; and are vibration and tamper-resistant. Now, a blind rivet is more commonly known as a “Pop Rivet” because of the popping sound the metal makes when the rivet is fastened into place. It should be noted that though people call them pop rivets, POP is only one brand of blind rivets— it’s kind of like how everyone calls facial tissueKleenex.

Most rivets are made out of aluminum or steel, but Marson also makes plastic rivets and hand tools to go along with them. Plastic rivet fasteners have several applications. These small, seemingly unimportant items can be used in computers, appliances, furniture, electronics, kid’s toys, and even recreational vehicles.

If you have a project that involves plastic, look no further than Plastic Rivets! Plastic rivets are ideal for environments where electrical conductivity is a concern or in harsher environments where corrosion is an issue. Plastic rivets fasten plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, and plastic to fiberglass. As these rivets set, three “legs” form to securely lock the components in place and prevent movement. Plastic rivets are most effective when securing plastic, rubber, padded fabrics, and other soft material as they will not cause damage because the application process is more delicate. The Plastic Rivet Setter varies from the regular rivet setter in one very specific way—its pulling stroke. This is the distance that affects the amount of pressure impacting the rivet. For the plastic rivet setter, it’s got the extra-long pulling stroke that’s needed to set plastic rivets.

Marson Rivet Tools

Marson® 79060 V-4 Air/Hydraulic
Pneumatic Rivet Tool

Now, we have a few different ways in which we can pop these rivets into place. But if you’re looking for a bit more leverage and easier application, we have the VHR-2 Hand Rivet Tool from the VHR line. Looks kind of like a bolt cutter, doesn’t it? The VHR line is an offering from Marson that features standard hand riveters with extended noses. They work in the same way as a standard rivet tool, but the long nose helps you reach deeper channels.

That being said, if you need more power or have multiple rivets to install, we also carry the M-4 Rivet Tool which is powered by compressed air. Real heavy-duty – plus it will help you speed up your job.

Another option, the V-4 Rivet Tool, holds up under demanding and continuous use making it the perfect option for use on a job site. We actually offer 3 different Air/Hydraulic rivet tools, so you’re sure to find one that fits within your budget and satisfies your needs. The nice thing about the powered options, besides being much faster, is that all the mandrels that get cut off go straight into a container, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming a hazard later.

Finally, we have the Big Daddy. This is Marson’s most powerful hand riveting tool. There is more than just the name to love about this one. It’s the most versatile and powerful hand riveter. It takes the hard work out of setting large diameter, blind rivets. The Big Daddy features extra-long handles, which provide excellent leverage and permit working a foot beyond natural reach. It also has a double-gear reduction system that easily sets from 1/8" to 1/4" diameter Klik-Fast rivets in all alloys, including 1/4" Klik-Split and 3/16" and 1/4" Klik-ok rivets. The one-piece collet case also eliminates the need to adjust the tool when changing rivet diameters. Talk about some serious convenience!

Remember, always use proper safety equipment when operating high-impact machinery. If this wasn’t riveting enough for you and you have additional questions feel free to contact us here. We’ll be sure to help you find a riveter that fits your needs. Make sure to subscribe to our email list so you can keep up to date with our latest offers, flyers, new products, and giveaways here at!

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