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Safety Signs 101: Selecting Signage with Accuform

intro to signs | Posted: 2/16/2022

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Accuform Signs was founded by Ron and Veronica Johnson in 1976 when they noticed a growing need for high-quality, affordable facility safety identification products. Their sons Wayne and Dave Johnson took over the family business and have successfully turned the small venture with 3 people in Port Richey, Florida into a thriving company with over 280 employees and over 100,000 sq. ft of manufacturing and administrative space in Brooksville, Florida. Specializing in custom safety signs, safety tags, safety labels, traffic safety, and award-winning lockout/tag-out devices, Accuform has become an industry leader.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Safety Sign

Now when you think safety signs, you probably don’t think there is much science behind it. However, the material is a huge deciding factor when you are choosing the signs for your specific job. For example, did you know that there are temperature ranges for each type of material or a different UV resistance? And that each type of sign has a different material involved, it may be a plastic sign; but is it lite-corr plastic, Lumi-Glow plastic, or Lumi-Glow Flex adhesive? Or a metal sign; is the sign rigid or flexible? All of these questions are important to answer when you are selecting the sign for your shop, worksite, garage, and anywhere that safety awareness is required.

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Another key point to keep in mind is the visibility of your sign, how big are the letters or numbers, how far away will you be able to read the wording. There are three steps when trying to figure out this bit of info. 

A: Determine your desired viewing distance 

B: Count the number of letters and spaces in the longest line of your message and 

C: Find that number in the row next to your desired viewing distance in the shown chart. At the top of that column is the approximate sign width.

Selecting the Right Material for Your Safety Signage

Now the Material selection process, as you can see from the quick view chart, each material has a different temperature range, UV resistance, and if it is flexible or rigid. It still looks a bit daunting; however, we can narrow this down a little more to make it easier to understand.

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Select Plastic (VP) Signs when your signs are going to be installed inside or in a protected outdoor environment. VP Plastic signs can be used outside for short-term applications like construction sites. They are the most economical, and the most popular choice for rigid signage.

Lite-Corr (PCR) plastic signs are a lightweight, light-duty corrugated plastic sign material that is ideally suited for economical, temporary signage needs and short-term, limited use indoors and outdoors.


Engineer-Grade Prismatic Reflective Aluminum (RA) Signs are Durable-duty aluminum that is covered with a retro-reflective sheet surface. The surface reflects light to improve daytime visibility and provide ideal low-light or nighttime visibility. Reflective sheeting adds extra visibility when light shines on the surface. General visibility provides a good appearance in daylight and when light reflects back at night.


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Lumi-Glow Flex (GF) Labels, See the message even when the lights go out. In the dark, signs are visible with a green-yellow glow surface. Any light source can energize the photoluminescent material with a glow rating of 10+ hours. In regular light, the sign surface is nearly white with a slightly green appearance.

Choose Adhesive Vinyl (VS) Labels when you need a self-stick sign or label for indoor or sheltered environments. The durable adhesive will stick to most flat, clean surfaces. Adhesive vinyl signs will work for short-term outdoor applications, and in moderate temperatures. Adhesive Vinyl is an excellent economical choice for self-stick applications.

Adhesive Dura-Vinyl Labels are dual-layered vinyl that outperforms standard vinyl. The printed image is protected by a high gloss 2-mil UV resistant polyester over-laminate.


Magnetic Co-Poly vinyl labels, a magnetic sign offers ease of mounting to most steel or ferrous metal surfaces and can be pulled off and placed back on or elsewhere. This label has a 32-mil synthetic rubber base and is protected by 2-mil high-gloss UV polyester over-laminate film. This resists cracking and chipping and is flexible to mount on curved surfaces.

Other Types

Accuform Signs

Projection plastic signs are used when you need identification, location, and direction, signs that need to be seen from various angles for extra visibility. Hang signs along hallways, stairways, corridors, and doorways. Projection signs are .10” thick high-impact plastic with images on two panels that are protected by an over-laminate. Flanged edges have pre-drilled mounting holes. Wall mounts with screws or self-adhesive foam tape, both of which are included.

Sign pad plastic signs are temporary and convenient. Simply tear out sheet signs and use them anywhere. A portable pad features perforated edges to easily tear out signs for immediate use. Light-duty 8-mil plastic signs withstand damp, wet conditions and limited outdoor environments. Ideal for single-use short-term needs. Each sign pad contains 25 identical signs.

Inventory marking dots are ¾” diameter bright, attention-getting color-coded dots. Add visibility to your inventory control! Quickly recognize status, group, or required action with these paper labels with adhesive backing, easily peel back from the roll and adhere to racks, shelves, boxes, documents, products, or other items in the coding system. They have an easy to write on the surface and come in rolls of 500.

Here at, we offer a huge variety of Accuform signslabelscardstock tagsdecals, and accessories. If you happen to have any questions regarding any of the products mentioned above, feel free to contact us here. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list so you can stay up to date with our latest offers, flyers, new products, and giveaways.

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