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EZ Red Testers Makes Automotive Fluid Testing Easy!

training in test instruments and gau | Posted: 12/29/2021

In 1966, Tommy Tucker started EZ Red as a battery tool and accessory company in upstate New York, since then EZ Red has continuously grown and expanded its organization. Now let’s get into how to test your anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, and battery with EZ Red Testers!

If you live in a cold climate where the temperatures regularly drop below freezing, then the accepted ratio of coolant/ antifreeze to water is 50:50. Just for some comparison, with just water instead of antifreeze/ coolant, the ice crystals will form at 0°C. It's also interesting to note that pure antifreeze alone will not perform the task of protecting your vehicle's cooling system any better than water would by itself. In fact, pure antifreeze will freeze at a temperature not much below where water does. No matter which type or color your antifreeze is, it will transfer heat away most efficiently when blended with the proper amount of water. If your vehicle's cooling system were to freeze in the winter, not only would it make it impossible to drive, the fluid would expand and it could crack your engine block and potentially damage the radiator. So how do you ensure your antifreeze or coolant is mixed properly and will last through the harshest of conditions? With the EZ Red tester of course!

About the EZ Red Anti-Freeze Tester

The EZ Red Anti-Freeze Tester is a small, portable device that aids in the checking of antifreeze or coolant. In winter months, it may warn a motorist of an impending freeze; in summer, it may warn of low boiling points. This tool is ideal for individuals who work in automotive shops and do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts. These are handy, cost-effective tools that take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance and leave you, and your car, very happy.

EZ Red Battery Anti-freeze Tester
EZ Red Battery Anti-freeze Tester

How to Use the EZ Red Anti-Freeze Tester

  1. First, you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing the proper PPE.
  2. Then you’ll want to make sure your system is cooled down or heated up to room temperature. You need to do this because if the anti-freeze is too hot you may burn yourself and if it is too cold you will not get an accurate reading.
  3. Then open the radiator cap and draw a little liquid out of the system and into the tester by depressing the bulb and slowly releasing the pressure until the fluid reaches the marked line. A float in the tester then tells you whether you need to add coolant.
  4. Now that you’ve filled the tester up to the required line you can check your anti-freeze.

EZ Red Anti-Freeze Tester and Windshield Washer Fluid

Now that you’ve tested your anti-freeze, let’s talk about testing our windshield washer fluid. The EZ Red anti-freeze tester also includes a spot for testing the temperature rating of windshield washer fluid. This is especially handy for our Canadian winters as we don’t want to be caught with fluid that may freeze up our lines or frost up our windshields while driving. The process of testing windshield washer fluid is the same as anti-freeze. Once you’ve cleaned all the anti-freeze out of the tester you simply fill it up to the indicated line and the arrow will show you the freezing point of your fluid. As said previously this is a great tool for anyone who is preparing their car or fleet for the changing weather. As both, your cooling system and windshield washer fluid are used every day and they shouldn’t be taken for granted. That’s why an inexpensive tester like the EZ Red Tester should be in the toolbox of every mechanic and do-it-yourselfer alike.

About the EZ Red Battery Hydrometer

The EZ Red Battery Hydrometer is used for checking the charge of conventional lead-acid batteries. You can find these batteries in your cars, RV’s, lawnmowers, and other battery-operated equipment around your house. (I know I’ve been stuck wondering why my car wasn’t starting on a few occasions and it would have been beneficial to have had a small, cost-effective device to see if my battery being low was causing the problem.) Using the EZ Red Battery Hydrometer is just as simple as the anti-freeze tester, as there are voltage ratings on the device along with an arrow. Though the specific voltage is great to know, the EZ-Red tester makes it even simpler by separating them into good, fair, and low categories so you don’t have to memorize what specific charge a good battery holds.

EZ Red Battery Hydrometer
EZ Red Battery Hydrometer

How to Use the EZ Red Battery Hydrometer

  1. Our first step is putting on the proper PPE as battery acid is something you don’t want to have come in contact with your skin or eyes.
  2. Next, open up the plugs so you can get to the battery cells.
  3. Then place your tester into the hole until it hits the bottom and then back off slightly.
  4. Now squeeze the bulb and absorb the liquid until it reaches our fill line. It’s as simple as that!

We hope these tips leave you and your vehicle with snow problems when dealing with this year’s cold Canadian winter! But if you’d like to learn more about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. Also make sure to subscribe to our email list so you can keep up to date with the latest offers, flyers, new products, and giveaways here at!

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