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Don’t Get Left in the Cold with the Brake Free Safety Bar

just for truckers | Posted: 11/3/2021

When the temperature drops, things tend to freeze. That’s a well-known fact up here in the great Canadian North, but what do you do when your brakes are frozen on a big rig? Well, the normal course of action would be to turn off the vehicle and chock the wheels before climbing underneath with a hammer—not the safest or fastest option.

That’s why the brake-free safety bar was invented—by a trucker, for truckers! This innovative and unique tool makes it safe and easy to release frozen or rusted brakes from beside the truck or trailer, eliminating the hazards of being underneath the unit. There’s no risk of damage to the airlines or components under the truck with this simple tool, and you don’t need to pull on those coveralls over your snowsuit since you won’t be crawling beneath the vehicle.

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How the Brake Free Safety Bar Works

This durable, stainless-steel tool makes direct contact with the area on the brake drum where most ice tends to build up. By creating a harsh impact, the brake shoes are instantly released from the brake drum. And best of all, this tool is so easy to use, it should only take one or two hits for the brakes to “break” free!

How to use the Brake Free Safety Bar

Using the safety bar is simple, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Start by putting the truck in gear, shutting off the engine, and immobilizing the truck with the proper wheel chocks. Always be sure you’re using the right style and number of chocks for your vehicle. (If you want to know more about wheel chocks, click here to read our blog post)
  2. Now, once your truck and trailer are safely secured, locate the valve stems on both rims. You’ll want to be careful not to damage them!
  3. Choose a rim hole without a valve stem. On dual steel rims, be sure that the tool won’t make contact with either of the two valve stems. Insert the tool into your chosen hole and make sure that the impact tip makes direct contact with the face of the brake drum.
  4. Remove the quick pin from the guide tube and impact bar assembly then align the tool with the center of the axle. Hold the outer guide tube firmly with one hand, but watch your fingers! Keep your hand on the handle, because there’s a possible pinch point between the impact weight and the guide tube.
  5. Pull back the handle about a foot and with a swift, inward motion, to create the impact on the brake drum. Repeat if necessary, but most times, one hit will do it. In severe cases, you may need to use the tool to impact the top of the drum as well as the bottom.
  6. Re-install the quick pin and store the tool in a safe, dry place. Always be sure to check that the frozen brake has been released and that the wheels are all turning before driving off.

The Brake Free Safety Bar is a user-friendly tool perfect for any trucker. So, the next time you have frozen brakes on a chilly day, remember the brake-free safety bar. But if you’d like to learn more about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. Also make sure to subscribe to our email list so you can keep up to date with the latest offers, flyers, new products, and giveaways here at!

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