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Industrial Chucks, To Be Keyed or Not To Be

tools and equipment 101 | Posted: 11/18/2022

A chuck is a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object with all-around symmetry, like a drill bit. The most common drill chucks are self-centering, also known as scroll chucks. They use dogs or jaws interconnected with a scroll gear or scroll plate, to hold onto a tool or workpiece.


Different Types of Jacobs Chucks

First, we have the ball bearing chucks. It utilizes a ball thrust bearing to reduce friction in the chuck closing mechanism, these chucks permit the application of more gripping force on drill shanks to maximize drilling torque under the most demanding machining conditions. Meanwhile, the jaws are centre-ground for absolute straightness and correct alignment. Ball bearing chucks in general are designed for heavy-duty, close-tolerance production drilling on precision equipment, but they are adaptable to a wide range of drilling equipment like jig borers, milling machines, lathes, and radials. The Jacobs ball bearing chuck has also been designed as a one-piece sleeve in order to eliminate the chance of cracks between the driving teeth that can often happen in other styles of the chuck. The one-piece sleeve teeth, hardened nose, and keyholes provide outstanding wear resistance, so your chuck will be long-lasting.

Jacob's Ball Bearing Chucks
Ball Bearing Chucks
Jacobs Key Plain Bearing Chucks
Keyed Plain Bearing Chucks

If you’re looking for something more standard, keyed plain bearing chucks are also available. These chucks are the original equipment manufacturer's standard for accuracy and durability on all types of industrial power and machine tools. The jaws are centre ground for total straightness and complete alignment, and the hardened components also provide some of the best wear resistance so you know these chucks are worth the investment. With both heavy and medium-duty models for threaded or taper mounting capabilities almost all applications are covered!

What about chuck keys?

When it comes to chuck keys there are two types; nickel thumb grips and t-handle styles. Both are designed for increased leverage and user comfort. The soft steel handle limits the potential for dangerous fracturing under any significant force. While the self-ejecting models with a spring-loaded ejector ensure key disengagement after tightening. There’s also an option to pick up key leashes, and wedge sets.

Jacobs Chuck Keys
Jacobs Chuck Keys

Hand-Tite Keyless Drill Chucks

Jacob's Keyless Drill Chucks
Keyless Drill Chucks

If you don’t want to rely on having a key for your chuck the Hand-Tite keyless drill chucks are readily available. The keyless design and 10-13mm capacities produce greater bit gripping force than most conventional keyed chucks while also increasing the operator’s productivity. The components of this chuck have been constructed from high-performance materials in order to provide a long service life. This chuck also has a split bite jaw design in order to increase grip by providing more contact with the bit, it also features an anti-lock nut that stops the chuck from locking open. The hammerlock mechanism prevents loosening while in use in high-vibration applications!

Finally, the Adapt-a-drive chuck is a hidden gem, with it’s ¼” hex shank, it can convert any cordless screwdriver into a multi-purpose mini-drill. The integrated hex mount locks the chuck into the screwdriver socket, giving you a hand-held mini drill! This is for starting holes and for those hard-to-reach places where a conventional drill would be too big and bulky to access.

Jacob's Adapt-a-drive Chucks
Adapt-a-drive Chucks

If you need any other Jacobs Chuck accessories or if you have any questions feel free to visit our website or contact us with questions you may have. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media so you can stay up to date with new product announcements, giveaways and so much more!

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