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Launch into these Automotive Scan Tools

tools equipment 101 | Posted: 2/10/2023

Here at we have expanded our product offerings of automotive scan tools and are here to present Launch Tech.

This line offers four main categories which are;

  • Scan Tools
  • Service Equipment
  • Battery Testers
  • Inspection Tools
Launch Tech Automotive Tools

Scan Tools


Scan tools have two sub-categories, the X-431 and Millennium. The X-431 lineup of tools is meant for professionals who use these tools every day. The Throttle 3, Torque 3, and Turbo are full touch screen tablets running Android operating systems and can cover heavy, medium, and light-duty vehicles.

The main difference between the X-431 scan tools, aside from the screen, battery capacity, and storage size, is their capability to have module add-ons or accessories. We also carry a one-year subscription renewal card so that any X-431 owners can continue to receive software updates after the initial year, making sure the scan tools are compatible with all new vehicle makes and models.

Launch X-431 Scan Tools
Launch X-431 Scan Tools


The Millennium scan tools are considered more for the DIYers and automotive professionals that work on lighter-duty vehicles. They give the user the ability to read and erase codes as well as live data graphing but are meant for more light-duty applications. When looking at the Millennium scan tools each device has a different range of features, allowing the customer the ability to only purchase the features they would use.

A couple of unique scan tools that we carry are the Millennium HD Lite and HD Pro Scan tools, which are designed for customers who work on the occasional heavy-duty vehicles. The Gear HD and Gear Scan Plus are similar-sized touchscreen diagnostic tools that are great for detecting and deleting codes. Lastly, there is the Millennium Master, which is the final step before getting into the X-431 series of tools.

Launch Millennium Scan Tools
Launch Millennium Scan Tools

Service Equipment

Launch CAN FD Adapter
CAN FD Adapter

The CAN FD adapter is an adapter for the X-431 scan tools to connect to a high-performance vehicle that uses a Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate.

The HD Trailer connector is used to help the X-431 diagnose and clear any issues for a heavy-duty trailer. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!  

Finally, the ADAS Mobile Calibration System is used to reprogram or calibrate a vehicle's sensors and cameras with the X-431 scan tools. It comes with 23 standard manufacturer targets that cover a wide range of vehicle models, giving it the ability to become a one-stop calibration service.

Battery Testers

Launch B2-1 Battery Box Module
B2-1 Battery Box Module

The B2-1 Battery Box module is an accessory add-on for the X-431 Throttle 3 giving it the ability to do a number of different battery tests, starter tests, and charging tests. It generates the health report on the Throttle 3 and can be shared via e-mail.

The BST-560 and BST-860 are the most conventional battery testers, once powered by the battery itself. They are able to generate reports within seconds and the 860 model has a built-in printer to easily share the test results.

The BST-360 Battery Tester with Bluetooth Clamps is a very unique product, all you do is attach the clamps to the battery, and either through an X-431 scan tool or smartphone app, you can perform any battery test needed.

Inspection Tools

Launch TiT-202 Thermal Imager
TiT-202 Thermal Imager

Inspection Tools will help to diagnose any potential problem that may be occurring within the vehicle. The TiT-202 Thermal Imager uses infrared technology to detect any issues within a vehicle's powertrain, exhaust, or electrical systems.

The Videoscope 800 and 808 are able to view and capture hard-to-reach or internal parts of the vehicle. They can record both images and videos, while the camera head has an adjustable LED light.

For Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems or TPMS tools, the CRT 511 is an economical option that works on most vehicles with TPMS. It’s perfect for repair or tire shops allowing the technician to easily read, diagnose and clear any tire pressure problems.

The other TPMS tool is the TSGUN, which works alongside the X-431, by expanding the TPMS functionality of the scan tool. It can also read, diagnose and clear tire pressure codes along with temperature issues and sensor battery status.

Launch TSGUN TPMS Tool

An important thing to note about both the TPMS tools is that they are universal in coverage for activating and refreshing sensors. This means if you rotate or swap tires that have already been programmed to the vehicle, these tools have all the functions needed to get you going. You can also install new TPMS sensors that are preprogrammed and the tools will still be compatible.

The S2-2 Sensor Box is used with the Throttle 3 and gives the scan tool the ability to test and simulate the working conditions of a vehicle’s sensors, saving the technician time by not having to replace the parts of the sensor in order to diagnose a problem.

Lastly is the O2-1 Scope Box that also works with the Throttle 3. The Scope Box allows the user to easily test various electrical components like circuits, actuators, ignition tests, and more.

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the Launch Tech line, if you have any questions feel free to contact us! Also, don’t forget to give us a follow-on social media and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with promotions, giveaways, and new products here at

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