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Prevent Arc Eye with AGO Products

wonders of welding | Posted: 8/11/2021

Portable safety screens look a lot like a bunch of room partitions, but the fabric used on them is actually far more advanced than the ones you would find in home decor stores. It’s actually a “see-thru” 14mil PVC Vinyl sheeting that’s flame-resistant!

The transparent vinyl curtain exceeds OSHA specifications for welding operations and the material has been specifically formulated to absorb dangerous ultraviolet radiation to prevent personnel from eye flash burns. The welding screen is also see-through which means that you’ll be able to see everything that is happening around you eliminating any potential hazards or scares. Welding screens are a lot like wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Why Use Welding Screens?

Well, it isn’t for your protection, but rather for the protection of the people around you. They are designed to protect workers adjacent to welding operations from hazards such as sparks, spatter, and ultraviolet light. For instance, if you’re are welding in the back of your shop and a fellow co-worker or customer walks in unsuspectingly, they could experience an eye flash burn or arc eye.

What is “Arc Eye”?

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Prevent Arc Eye with Welding Screens

Arc eye happens when Certain types of UV radiation produce an injury to the surface and mucous membrane (conjunctiva) of the eye. The amount of time required to cause these effects depends on several factors such as the intensity of the radiation, the distance from the welding arc, the angle at which the radiation enters the eye, and the type of eye protection that the welder or bystander is using. However, exposure to just a few seconds of intense UV light can cause arc eye and the symptoms which include tearing, redness, and the feeling of pressure or sand in the eye which may not be felt until several hours after exposure. It is essentially like getting a sunburn but in your eye.

About Our Selection of Welding Screens

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AGO is a Canadian company and they’ve operated out of London Ontario for over 35 years. The AGO Portable Safety Screen is easy to set up, you simply attach the screen to the portable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, tubular steel frame and you’re done. It’s also portable and can be easily moved around your welding area. For storage, the legs fold parallel allowing you to put it virtually anywhere!

They come in 1 to 4-panel models which you can buy in green, orange or yellow. The difference between the colours is directly related to the amount of light they let in. Yellow is the lightest protection or most light, which makes for a bright workspace. Orange is medium protection which creates a fairly bright workspace and Green is high to medium protection which provides a darker workspace.

It is important to note that all the different colours of weld screens block out the harmful UV rays coming from the welding process. The difference between them is actually in regards to the amount of light itself coming out of the screen because visible light and ultraviolet or UV radiation are actually two different things. Think of it like wearing sunglasses. You see, all sunglasses block out almost all harmful UV rays, even clear plastic lenses will block out UV rays, but you can buy them in different tints or shades and that is what is going to affect the amount of light that gets through.

Picking the right Welding Screen

Now, how do you pick out the right fit for you? Well, you need to consider your workspace.

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If you work in a smaller space and share a screen with another welder it would be better to go with a green panel as you are in close proximity to their light and you are far more likely to be affected by it.

If you work alone, or there is more space between you and the next welder you could get away with a yellow or orange screen.  

If you are more concerned about the sparks flying from your workspace we also carry a 10/15 oz Flame Resistant Cotton Duck Screen. This product is made out of high-quality grade, flame-resistant cotton duck cloth that’s great for general shop usage. This fabric is resistant to flame, water, mold, and mildew and should be set up when grinding and welding occurs as it provides protection against sparks. This is a great product to have around your workspace to ensure that you’re keeping the potential fire risk down. It can even be used in a pinch to muffle small fires. Although it is recommended to always have a fire extinguisher on hand. The cotton duck screen also comes in various sizes to customize your workspace and is a must-have for all your welding projects.

Now that about covers our selection of welding screens from AGO. We also carry a wide range of welding equipment, tools, and protective clothing/accessories, so make sure you check out our welding page for all your welding needs! But if you have any questions feel free to contact us here, and make sure to subscribe to our email list so you can keep up to date with the latest offers, flyers, new products, and giveaways here at!


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