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Road Safety and Load Signs

school of safety supplies | Posted: 7/28/2021

Load signs help to keep your ducks in a row and ensure that any vehicle on the road is traveling safely to its destination. Road regulations mean that these signs are needed when you’re hauling a load that’s bigger than the norm. You might also need pilot cars, flashing lights, or have to plan your trip around restrictions about what time of the day you can travel.

Different Materials for Signs

The most popular material for signs is vinyl. Vinyl signs have a lot to offer in terms of flexibility, affordability, and durability. It’s no wonder it’s such a common choice in everything from retail stores to the decorations on household walls! Since load signs are outdoors in all sorts of weather, durability is a must. Vinyl is weatherproof, resistant to tearing, and resistant to UV rays and fading. For a sign that will really go the distance, and is easy to install, vinyl is a great option. Most come with supported vinyl washers at the 6- and 8-foot points, as it helps prevent tearing so that your message will be displayed clearly no matter the weather or conditions.

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Wooden signs are made from ½” medium density overlaid or MDO plywood. This special plywood has a weather-resistant coating that keeps the sign safe from water, weather, and wear. With a high-quality vinyl finish and a sturdy base, these wooden signs are highly durable and are sure to hold up to the test of time.

Aluminum signs are the sturdiest of all, with their durable, weather-resistant build. These signs are made from rust-proof aluminum and have a premium grade, high-quality vinyl finish to give your sign the visibility it needs. Both aluminum and wooden signs are the best suited for permanent, mounting on a trailer. They’re rigid, sturdy, and tend to last much longer than the vinyl signs.

The Pilot Car signs are meant for the pilot car, or escort vehicle, these cars that travel in front of a truck hauling a load. Sometimes, if your load is big enough, a second pilot car trailing behind the load is also required. These pilot cars also have to have the proper signage to ensure that others in traffic are aware of the potential hazard. These signs are 72” by 14” and are illuminated, complete with wiring and four amber LED lamps. The inserts are made of acrylic and slide into place with ease.

Which Sign to Use and When

Oversize Load Regulations
Oversize Load Regulations

According to some provincial road regulations, when a load exceeds legal dimension a permit is required, and depending on the dimensions, certain conditions must be followed. These conditions include various rules like types of signs and pilot vehicles, as seen in the adjacent chart.

For province-specific regulations please check with your provincial department of transportation regulation.

Some smaller load widths like 8’7”, only require flags by day and warning lights by night. However, the bigger the truck’s load, the stricter the requirements get. Some rules include; two pilot cars, not traveling after 3:00 PM on a day before a weekend or statutory holiday, and no movement on Sundays or statutory holidays. Even escort vehicles have their own set of requirements, including warning devices, warning flags, reflective vests, and flashlights. But regardless of what the road regulations state in your province, here at, we are sure to have the signage you need to be compliant with.

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