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Seal your Concrete with Ease using Chapin Sprayers

get in the know for MRO | Posted: 9/16/2022

Applying a concrete sealer can be an easy project for a DIYer, all you really need is a good sprayer. Sprayers can range from industrial-grade solvent dispensers to garden-variety pump-up styles. The type of sprayer that should be used can depend on a number of factors including square footage, type of sealer, and the carrier used.

So Why Do You Need a Sprayer for Concrete? 

While concrete performs adequately if it is never sealed, a good quality sealer every few years will extend its life. This is especially true if your driveway or patio has stained or etched concrete. Driveway sealing should also be considered if you live in an area where winter road salt can eat away at the concrete. The benefits of a concrete sealer, depending on the product used, include:

Chapin Concrete Sprayers
  • Enriching the color intensity of the concrete
  • Adding sheen or gloss to the surface
  • Making the concrete easier to clean and maintain by blocking the penetration of dirt, oil, grease, chemicals, and stains
  • Preventing the surface from crumbling.
  • Preventing the intrusion of water and chlorides, which minimizes freeze-thaw damage.
  • Protection against abrasion and wear.

Types of Sprayers

When it comes to concrete work, this Open Head Industrial sprayer is Chapin’s most popular unit. With a 3.5-gallon capacity and solid brass hardware, it’s great for applying curing compounds, form oil, waterproofing, and other coatings. A great feature in this dispenser, and all of Chapin’s industrial concrete sprayers, is the tri-lock opening. This 3-position sealing system prevents the lid from being damaged or flying off if it is loosened while under pressure.

Open Head Industrial Chapin Sprayer
Open Head Industrial Sprayers

If you’re looking for something compatible with more extreme chemicals like Acetone, look no further than Chapin’s Dripless Xtreme sprayer. Its heavy-duty construction can handle everything the Industrial model can, plus high concentrations of Acetone, Naphtha, Xylene, and Toluene. This makes it a powerful and versatile sprayer, and its dripless trigger grip keeps your job as clean and convenient as possible.

Dripless Xtreme Chapin Sprayer
Dripless Xtreme Sprayer

Looking for a sprayer that is more geared towards professional concrete workers? The Chapin's Xtreme Concrete sprayer is designed to handle some of the strongest chemicals used by concrete professionals. It features Xtreme seals like the Dripless sprayer, a 3.5-gallon stainless steel tank, and a 4” wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. This sprayer also has a brass pump, wand, and shut-off valve to guarantee that the internal components will not break down when strong chemicals are being used. The wand on this sprayer also has a lock-on feature, so you can continuously spray without having to depress the trigger.

 Xtreme Concrete Chapin Sprayer
Xtreme Concrete Sprayer

The last Chapin sprayer we are going to look at is the Industrial Poly Concrete sprayer. Loved by professionals and DIYers alike, this sprayer is a popular choice due to its light weight, yet rugged durability. The 3-gallon poly tank has a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, and a built-in pressure relief valve. It also comes equipped with a 36” brass wand, and the same brass features as the Xtreme Concrete sprayer. The nitrile seals and gaskets on this sprayer are also suitable for a variety of concrete and industrial chemical applications, meaning the Poly Concrete sprayer is ideal for the economically conscious contractor or DIYer.

Industrial Poly Concrete Chapin Sprayer
Industrial Poly Concrete Sprayer

How to use the Sprayers

Using a Concrete Sprayer is a fairly straightforward process. The main thing to keep in mind, is you want to work in thin overlapping layers. Multiple thin coats are much better than one thick coat, as they will help to prevent pooling and uneven coverage. Two or three coats, depending on the sealer, should do the trick.

Chapin Concrete Sprayers

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for your Sprayer 

Always empty and clean the sprayer after each use, but don’t use strong cleaning agents or abrasives as they could cause unnecessary wear, damage, or chemical reaction within the sprayer. To properly rinse out the sprayer, fill it with water, pressurize it, and spray through the nozzle in order to clear it of any remaining chemicals.

Storing your Chapin Sprayer

Always store your sprayer out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry space. And, before another freezing Canadian winter, make sure to drain all liquid from the unit to avoid damage from freezing. And finally, before each use; inspect all components for wear, damage, or leaks, and repair defects promptly. When service is required, always insist on original Chapin manufactured replacement parts, which we carry here at

Now that you know all the ins and outs of Chapin concrete sprayers, if you have any questions feel free to contact us! Also, don’t forget to give us a follow-on social media and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with promotions, give-a-ways, and new products here at

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