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Stay HELLA Safe on the Roads!

just for truckers | Posted: 10/20/2021

HELLA has been around for more than 100 years, but this family-run business definitely hasn’t been left in the dust when it comes to innovation! They started out in the early 1900s, manufacturing ball horns, candles, and kerosene lamps for carriages. Then everything changed with the introduction of the automobile. HELLA first appeared on the automotive scene in 1908 as a trademark for acetylene headlights.

HELLA’s Driving and Fog Lights

Hella hel357204831, HELLA Automotive LED Lights
HELLA LED Cube Flood Light Kit

No matter the weather, or road conditions, we’ve got you covered with this lineup. First off LEDs are efficient, low maintenance, and typically have lower operating temperatures than halogens! They also have an ultra-long service life. Sometimes, the life of these lights will even outlast your car! One of the major benefits of an LED is that the light distribution is consistent. So much so that one area won’t appear brighter or dimmer than the next. HELLA has a full line of LED lights, from work lights to cubes and rounds for your trucks, and even light bars!

The work lights are perfect for any job site, with black die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel mounting brackets, their tough exterior protects the LED bulbs within. These lights range from 6 to 14 LEDs, which means this little light can output anywhere from 700 to 2,000 lumens!

(A lumen is a unit of measurement for brightness. So, the more lumens a bulb is rated for, the brighter it is.)

Keep your drive to the job site illuminated with the HELLA LED vehicle lights, which come in a variety of mounting types and light levels, including the option for either flood or spotlights. But these aren’t the only solutions. The after-market lights are the perfect addition for rural night driving, off-road activities, or foggy road conditions. They’re lightweight, sturdy, and have shock-proof housing. The HELLA 500FF and 700FF series use free-form reflector technology, which produces a well-lit area in front of your vehicle. It works by using as many as 50,000 points to precisely direct light, producing up to three times more illumination than ordinary lights with an even spread and virtually no stray light.

Other HELLA Products

When you have to lay on the horn, the last thing you want is a horn that can barely be heard over high-speed winds or other road conditions. Fanfares have an energetic sound with two or three horn tones in one, which is backed up by a maintenance-free compressor. Low tones are better for close ranges and high tones are better for distance. But to use one of these horns you might want to consider picking up a relay.

HELLA Automotive LED Lights
HELLA Mini ISO Relay

HELLA relays are devices used to turn on or off a large electric current using a relatively small electric current. It does this by using an electromagnet in a smaller current to ‘flip’ the switch in a larger current. The SPST relay is used to break the circuit between the power supply and electrical load (disconnect headlights, heated rear windows, or the radio). The SPDT relay is used to switch the electrical load from one user to another and is operated by a dashboard switch (for two-speed appliances and to turn lights on and off). For example, these relays are used to switch from horn to fanfare.

Now that you’ve gotten a small peek at just some of the HELLA products we carry here at, why not check out more of their product offering? But if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we would be more than happy to help you out!

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