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Lock it or Lose it with Trimax

segments on security | Posted: 6/16/2021

Trimax understands that the demand for more security and protection against theft is increasing. That’s why they have built a line-up of “the world's toughest locks” and hitches to provide you with the security you want for your trailers, bicycles, RV’s, and more.

Different Styles of Locks

Wheel Chock Locks

Stay Locked With Trimax

The deluxe universal wheel chock lock is quick and easy to install. These locks are made from heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel, so you can rest easy knowing your property is locked up tightly. It also comes with three keys and rubber-coated arms to protect your wheels’ finish. They are even pick-resistant.

Using this lock is easy, just insert your key and do a quarter turn clockwise. The lock cylinder will pop, letting you know that the arms are free and ready to move. Open the arms and install the lock onto your wheel, making sure to have the chock on the side of your wheel that faces downhill. Press the cylinder down once you have the lock secured and in position. Just like that your wheel chock lock is installed!

Hockey Puck Locks

Padlocks are the usual tool for locking gates or trailers, but something you might not think of is how easily these locks can be removed. A pair of bolt cutters is usually all a determined thief needs to remove your lock and pass through unhindered. That’s why these hockey pucks universal fit shielded door locks were created: to provide better protection against bolt cutters since there’s no exposed shackle to cut or saw!

Coupler Locks

Another common form of trailer protection is the universal coupler lock. These heavy-duty locks offer a hardened steel shackle and a reinforced, armored shoulder that resists hammer strikes and saw cuts. Best of all, the dual-purpose locks fit all coupler types and sizes! Check out the video below to see more on this lock.

Versa-Cable Locking System

This Versa-Cable Lock isn’t just flexible in the ways that you can use it, but it’s also flexible with its cables, meaning if you need more length, you can swap cables in seconds! You can choose to use a 6-foot, 12-foot, or 30-foot cable. These cables are ideal for securing bikes, jet skis, patio furniture, motorcycles, tools, and more!

Rugged Rotor or Disc Locks

These locks come in two options: an alarmed 8mm disc lock and a non-alarmed 10mm disc lock. Both versions feature high-security, anti-drill lock cores and hardened exteriors to resist cutting, sawing, and chisels. The alarmed lock includes a piercing 100dB siren alarm, to alert you of any movement or possible lock tampering.

Stay Locked With Trimax

Trailer Wheel Locks

First, the Ultra-Max adjustable wheel locks are a great deterrent for any thief who may be eyeing up your trailer. The heavy-gauge, steel disc covers your lug nuts and clamps tight to your wheel for added security. These locks fit almost all 10-inch to 18-inch wheels and provide protection for trailers, trucks, construction equipment, boat trailers, cars, ATVs, and more!

To install the Ultra-Max adjustable wheel locks, simply unlock and open the access point, and open the arms all the way. Then, position the arms on either side of the wheel and insert the rocking handle on the inside arm, tightening the lock onto the rim of your wheel. Next, tighten the outside arm, which covers the lug nuts. Don’t forget to close and lock the access point once you’re done, or anything with a rocking handle could easily remove your wheel lock!

More than just Locks, Hitches too!

Trimax doesn’t just sell locks, they have a wide selection of hitches too. The razor aluminum adjustable hitches are made with 100% polished aluminum and are designed to adjust as you need them. With the ability to use them for rise or drop applications, along with the 2 inch and 2-5/16-inch ball options, these hitches give you the adaptability you need for towing all kinds of loads.

How to Figure out Rise and Drop?

To determine the rise and drop, you need to measure the distance from the ground to the top of the receiver tube (A) and subtract (B), the distance from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler or drawbar. A positive difference means that you need a drop with the length of the difference (C). A negative difference means that you need to rise the length of the difference (C) is needed.

Stay Locked With Trimax

While locks won’t always stop theft, they definitely provide an extra layer of security and act as a deterrent by making would-be thieves think twice about running away with your stuff. Here at, we’ve got loads of other locking options, everything from wheel lockschainsu-locks, and more! So, if you need any help getting locked and loaded, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here!

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