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Stay Sharp with KDS Cutting Tools

tools equipment 101 | Posted: 8/19/2022

Retractable and sometimes foldable utility knives share much of the same history as pocket knives, however, they have truly made their mark in the workplace. These knives are designed as multipurpose cutting tools, so they can be used in a variety of trades, crafts, and applications.

Muratec KDS Cutting Tools are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around and use. But, with such a variety in style, shape, and blade type there are plenty of options to choose from to best suit your needs and preferences.

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Standard Safety Knives

KDS Safety Knives

If you’re looking for a more standard utility knife, then the 25mm Jobboss® knife will be a great fit. This utility knife features a non-slip screw lock and a strong, rugged ABS body. Replacement blades are simple as this knife takes Evo Power Blades. Evo Power blades are double-honed and tempered for optimum sharpness. They’ve also been engineered for that perfect balance between hardness and pliability, and you have the option to choose between white steel or the premium black steel blades which start sharper and stay sharp longer. 

KDS Safety Knives

Two other options for standard, simple-to-use utility knives are the 18mm auto lock knife and the 18mm twist-lock knife. A benefit of these knives is that both come with spare blades that are stored safely in their handles. And, as their names suggest, one is autolocking so you don’t need to concern yourself with manually locking the blade in position, while the other is a twist lock system. The benefit of a twist locking blade system is that it allows you to have greater control over the security of the blade, but ultimately one style is not better than the other as personal preference plays a large role in which knife system will work best for you. And just like the Jobboss® knife, both of these knives also use Evo Power Blades.

Safety Knives With A Greater Safety Focus


First, you have the Safety Master auto-retracting style safety knife. This ergonomically designed knife uses Evo Power Black trapezoid blades and has a unique one push open for blade changes. Ease of use and comfort was definitely key factors in the design of this safety knife. As the rubberized, non-slip grip and lightweight body allow for greater user comfort, even during long-term use. Say goodbye to hand cramping! It also features a recessed anti-lock slider.

Auto-retracting Safety Knives
Auto-retracting Safety Knives


Next is the truly unique, 18mm fingerguard safety knife. This safety knife is perfect for DIYers and professionals alike! The finger-protecting guard ensures your knuckles are safe when cutting rough materials like carpet backing or even shingles. The guard also helps to stabilize your arm, so the cutting depth stays consistent and your slicing never skids. While the screw-type slider ensures the Evo Power Blade is securely locked in place.

Fingerguard Safety Knives
Fingerguard Safety Knives


If you’re more interested in a knife that is geared towards multipurpose applications we would suggest looking into the Multipro Hookit. This hook blade knife is carpet layers’, roofers’, and shippers’ best friend, as the steel tangs of this blade are great at tucking carpet, prying the lids off of paint cans, scoring boxes, and in a pinch, it can even be used as an emergency flathead screwdriver! And even better yet, the hooked blade can be replaced with a regular straight blade so this knife truly has multiple uses! But if you ever need a replacement snap hook blade we have you covered! 

Multi-Purpose Safety Knives
Multi-Purpose Safety Knives

Good Grip

Multi-Purpose Safety Knives
Professional Good Grip Safety Knives

Even though scrapers aren’t technically utility knives, they are worth mentioning briefly here since they can be incredibly useful for the removal of stuck-on materials. This includes wallpaper, tiles, paint, gaskets, adhesives, and other floor coverings. The Professional Good Grip scrapers from KDS come in three lengths: 8”, 12”, or 24”. These scrapers use a similar blade as the L-style utility knives, however, a large difference between the two blades is the fact that the scraper uses non-snapping blades designed for 90° scraping and the utility knives don’t. The combination of these blades, the ergonomically dimpled grip, and the fluoroplastic-coated head make clean-up that much easier as it is non-sticking and comfortable to use! And a feature that truly sets these scrapers apart is the toolless thumb-locking screws that secure the blade in place and keep it tight throughout use.

Safety Cutting Tips

Now that you have an idea of some of the KDS cutting tools we offer, here are some tips when you use your new cutting tool!

  1. Cut away from your body. When using any kind of cutting tool, angle the blade away from yourself. That way if you are accidentally bumped or your hand slips your chance of causing serious injury to yourself is lower.
  2. If possible, retract the blade when not in use. There’s really no point in keeping a utility knife’s blade exposed if you aren’t using it. So, keep that blade retracted when it's not in use! That way you or someone else won’t get hurt.
  3. When using a cutting tool utilize a sharp blade. A dull blade can make it significantly harder to slice whatever you’re trying to cut, as they will often “catch”, or even break off. To not only make your task easier but also increase your personal safety try to use a sharp, clean blade whenever you’re cutting something.
  4. Keep the blade short. Most utility knives allow the user to change the amount of exposed blade at any given time. By keeping the blade only as long as you need, you’ll reduce the chance of injury and breaking of the blade.
  5. Wear cut-resistant gloves! Gloves can greatly help to reduce the risk of cutting yourself accidentally. Just make sure when choosing a glove to wear, you pick a pair that is high-strength and cut-resistant.
Knife Holder
  • Box cutters or utility knives are some of the most common cutting tools found in both the workplace and at home. They are compact and so convenient to use. If you require your utility knife often throughout the day, keeping it handy in a knife holder on your belt is the way to go!

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