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Suit up for off-shore Safety with Mustang Survival

school of safety supplies | Posted: 8/11/2022

Mustang Survival’s headquarters are in beautiful British Columbia, surrounded by thousands of freshwater lakes and right beside the majestic Pacific Ocean. For over 50 years, they have been perfecting their line of marine safety equipment for water rescue professionals, military, and commercial mariners alike.

Suit up with Mustang Survival

If you’re battling the elements on a regular basis, you need to check out the Classic Floatation Suit. Designed to combat the harsh weather the Pacific Northwest can throw at you, the full-body suit is extremely durable, providing warmth and comfort even in frigid Canadian waters. It is engineered with closed-cell foam to provide floatation while also delaying the onset of hypothermia if you accidentally find yourself in the water. This suit also has an impressive CLO rating.

But what is a CLO rating anyway?

CLO measures the warmth retention levels of various materials. The base level is 0 representing a completely unclothed person -- AKA a skinny dipper! Some other CLO ratings of clothing items for comparison: Men’s briefs are 0.04, Sweatpants are 0.28, a thick sweater is 0.35, and a winter coat is 0.70. The Classic Floatation suit has a rating of 0.42 CLO when immersed in water, preserving precious body heat even when totally submerged.

Types of Floatation Gear

The high-visibility orange suit has an insulated hood and Safety Of Life At Sea or SOLAS tape along the shoulders, so you’re easy to spot in an emergency.

HIT Inflatable Life Jacket

The very first auto-inflatable life jacket to be approved by Transport Canada is the HIT Inflatable Life Jacket. A great product for commercial or regulatory use. Equipped with a strobe light holder, safety whistle, and SOLAS tape, you can hit the water worry-free in this superb safety solution. The Hydrostatic Inflator Technology automatically inflates when submerged in more than 4 inches of water. Once inflated, it provides 38lbs of buoyancy, that’s twice the floatation of most foam PFDs. The HIT Inflatable Life jacket is also completely maintenance-free for 5 years or until deployed.  But if you do have to deploy it, we also carry the necessary re-arm kits. These come with a 33g CO2 cylinder, as well as an auto hydrostatic inflator cap and body.

HIT Inflatable Life Jacket
HIT Inflatable Life Jacket

MIT Inflatable Life Jacket

The little brother to the HIT Inflatable Life Jacket is the MIT Inflatable Life Jacket. The Membrane Inflatable Technology reduces product weight and provides 28 lbs. of buoyancy when inflated. It comes with a manual inflation cord but it will also automatically inflate within seconds of water entry.

Classic Floatation Bib Pants

Along with that Classic Floatation Coat, you might want some Classic Floatation Bib Pants to complete your water-safe ensemble. The Adjustable suspenders and foam insulation add an extra layer of warmth and hypothermia protection.

MIT Inflatable Life Jacket
MIT Inflatable Life Jacket

Classic Floatation Coat

If you don’t need a Full Body Floatation Suit, we have the Classic Floatation Coat. Made with closed-cell foam just like the full body suit, the coat has more functional elements incorporated into its design like two large front zipper pockets and a full-length storm flap. It comes with an adjustable waist belt and wrist seals to keep water out and warmth in. This coat meets industrial and regulatory requirements and is a standard uniform for many government agencies. 

Suit up with Mustang Survival
Classic Floatation Coat

Recreational Floatation Gears

Now let’s say you are not an off-shore fisherman or a marine. Well, here at we also carry a variety of PFDs to keep you safe next time you’re out on the water for commercial or recreational purposes.

  • For commercial or industrial applications, you’re going to want to check out the Floatation Vest. It has two roomy Velcro™ front pockets along with an adjustable radio pocket to keep your devices handy. The high-vis orange and SOLAS reflective tape on the shoulders make it the perfect choice for fishing, marine, search and rescue, special operations, and security sectors.
  • Next, is the Industrial Universal Fit Foam PFD. A functional and economical option, this all-purpose vest has large armholes and adjustable belt straps for a customizable fit. It meets the minimum buoyancy rating of 15.7lbs and is approved by Transport Canada Marine. It also has SOLAS tape on the shoulders to keep you visible in low-light situations.
  • Water Rescue Professional Throw Bag
    Water Rescue Professional Throw Bag
  • Mustang Survival’s Industrial Mesh Vest is a great safety option if you don’t need floatation protection. Designed for maximum visibility and cooling with mesh shoulders, large front Velcro pockets, and SOLAS reflective tape across the front and back of the vest.
  • And if you’re looking for a few marine safety extras to have on hand we also have the Water Rescue Professional Throw Bag. This 75-foot rope floats and has a minimum 2000lb breaking point thanks to its nylon core and polypropylene sheath. This product is perfect for water rescue professionals as it is designed for maximum throwing efficiency and re-loading, even with a gloved hand.
  • Another water safety device you might want to have handy is the Type IV Ring Buoy. You won’t have to replace this buoy every season, as it’s crafted to be high-impact with a low-density polyethylene body that can withstand even the harshest environments.

Buoy-O-Buoy we sure do have a lot of great marine safety equipment to keep in mind. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and give us a follow-on social media so you can keep up to date with everything happening here!

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