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TruFuel, Take the Guess Work Out of Oil to Fuel Ratios

crash courses in automotive | Posted: 7/7/2021

TruFuel makes our small equipment engines run better, longer, and with less hassle. But, how does it do this? And why is ethanol-free fuel worth it for seasonal tools and equipment?

TruFuel is a pre-mixed fuel, which means there is no messy task in figuring out and mixing a ratio of oil to fuel. With TruFuel, just find the ratio recommended by your equipment’s manufacturer, and then you’re ready to pour! It’s that easy. TruFuel comes in a 40:1 oil to fuel ratio, a 50:1 oil to fuel ratio, or a specialized 4-cycle fuel. All three are in stock and available at in either a 946mL container or a 3.25L container.

The Benefits of Ethanol-Free Fuel

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Choose the right mix, with TrueFuel!

Just about everyone has a weed trimmerleaf blowerpressure washer, snow blower, or chainsaw, but they don’t always see regular use. After all, most of these items are used on a seasonal basis! But, did you know that the fuel from the pump you put into this equipment won’t keep for more than a season?

That’s because most types of gasoline contain ethanol. Now, ethanol might be okay in your car or truck, but it’s not so great for the hotter-running, 2-cycle engines found in outdoor power equipment. Ethanol in gasoline attracts water from the atmosphere and the two bonds together. This process is called “phase separation.” Having any water in your fuel mix isn’t good—it separates your fuel into two layers: a top layer of oil and fuel and a bottom layer of raw ethanol and water. Because fuel pumps typically pull from the bottom, this bottom layer without any oil is the first thing that hits your engine. That means that your 2-stroke engine is now running without any lubrication! Not only does the ethanol harm your engine, it often degrades rubber fuel lines and plastic components. This is a disaster that even fuel stabilizers can’t fix. And even if you are buying fuel without ethanol, you still have the messy task of finding the right ratio of fuel to oil.

We can avoid all this hassle with TruFuel! TruFuel is an oil-fuel mix that’s made for optimal performance. It even keeps your engine safe by using ethanol-free gasoline. It’s easy on your engine and allows for a smooth, powerful start to your equipment, every time.

So, if you only start up your weed whacker a few times a season, or don’t want to drain and dry the whole tank before storing it for the winter, TruFuel is the perfect solution. Because of its blend of ethanol-free fuel, synthetic lubricants, and advanced stabilizers, this stuff has a shelf life of three years once you open it. This means you can start up your tools after sitting with a full tank for the whole winter and not worry about wrecking your engine! Or, if your can of true fuel is still sealed it’ll last on the shelf for at least five years! Perfect for any situation! It’s great to have a can around in case you need some fuel in a pinch!

Some of the major users of TruFuel are emergency first responders. That’s because, in critical situations, equipment needs to start immediately and run smoothly. This includes things like the generators used to run the jaws of life, which could be the determining factor between life or death in some collision situations.

So, if you want to save time, keep optimum performance, and protect your equipment, look no further than TruFuel. But if you have any questions feel free to contact us here, and make sure to subscribe to our email list so you can keep up to date with the latest offers, flyers, new products, and giveaways here at

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