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Hose Assembly Guide: What does S.T.A.M.P.E.D Stand for?

hose school | Posted: 1/16/2021

When deciding on a hose assembly it is incredibly beneficial to follow the acronym S.T.A.M.P.E.D., as it can help you figure out what kind of hose assembly you need, and ensure you get the correct assembly for your application!

What does S.T.A.M.P.E.D Stand for?

S.T.A.M.P.E.D. stands for size, temperature, application, materials, pressure, end, and delivery. These help in building a quality hose assembly but let’s dive into that a bit further.

S – Size

Size or the I.D. (inner diameter) and the O.D. (outer diameter) of a hose are key, as they help to ensure the volume and flow rates of the hose assembly are correct. They also aid in figuring out if the selected hardware and fittings used for mounting and routing the assembly will be complimentary. Hose length is also important because as a hose is placed under pressure while in use the length with change. Thus, we need to be sure to determine the overall size of the hose assembly.

Hose Assemblies with STAMPED

T – Temperature

Temperature stands for more than just the weather outside. When it comes to hose assemblies we want to know the temperature of the material which will be traveling inside the hose and the temperature of the environment the hose will be working in. Knowing the minimum and maximum temperature the hose assembly will have to cope with is crucial as you don’t want your hose melting or freezing due to some small miscalculations.

A – Application

Application refers to the environmental conditions to which the hose assembly will be exposed to. This can range from indoor to outdoor, abrasive to non-abrasive, static, vibrating or flexing. Each of these conditions will impact different hose assemblies in different ways, and if the wrong assembly is purchased for a particular application the outcome can be disastrous.

Hose Assemblies with STAMPED

M – Materials

Materials mean the actual, physical composition of the hose. The reason this is important to know is that some hose materials are not compatible with particle media that could be moving through them. This includes things such as solids, gasses, and chemicals. The characteristics of the media moving through the hose is also significant as inert gasses act very differently than volatile ones, and the same can be said about the size and types of solids, and the type of chemicals.

P – Pressure

Pressure is crucial as we need to know what the maximum working pressure of that hose is and what type of pressure it will be working under. So, it is best to come to your hose assembly shop already knowing what the max working pressure will be so that the shop can ensure the surge pressure, and burst pressure will be within a safe range of your application. A hose shop will also need to know if the hose will be used in an impulse or vacuum application. An impulse application is when a hose, usually in a hydraulic scenario, must undergo short cycle intervals where the PSI changes from low to high rapidly. While a vacuum application is when a hose is used to suction some material or gas. Not all hoses are built to withstand these kinds of applications, so it's important for a hose shop to be in the hose assembly loop.

Hose Assemblies with STAMPED

E – End

End refers to the end pieces of your hose assembly, a.k.a. the fittings and couplers. Will the ends of your assembly be male or female? Crimped or reusable? What is the material of the fitting? Should it have a swivel? What’s the angle or orientation of the fitting? All these questions are important for your hose assembly as they can ensure safety, productivity, and longevity for your hose.

D – Delivery

Delivery refers to the quantity of each hose assembled. It also helps to know when your hose is required, and any testing, certification, tagging, or special packaging and shipping requirements you as our customer may have.

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