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Which Bernzomatic Torch Should You Use for Your Next Project?

wonders of welding | Posted: 4/14/2021

Bernzomatic prides itself in manufacturing tools that empower professional tradesmen, DIYers, artisans, adventurers, and creatives alike. Their products provide opportunities to take on new jobs and redefine what DIYers and professionals can achieve. Here at, we carry a range of Bernzomatic products. Let us help you find the right torch for your project.

What Bernzomatic Torch is Best for Your Application?

Let’s start by talking about the Trigger-Start Torch. This torch is designed for a wide range of jobs including soldering or brazing large diameter copper pipes, heat treating, and light welding. The large, optimized swirl-design tip ensures your flame burns hot and efficiently for maximum heat output and fast soldering times. The automatic start/stop ignition lights and extinguishes the flame with the push of a button, while a locking button keeps the torch lit for continuous use. This torch is great for thawing pipes, loosening putty or paint, or removing rusty nuts and bolts.

Bernzomatic Torch

Next up is the 360° Swivel Torch, which makes access to tight spots a breeze! The 360° vertical swivel provides greater access to small and awkward spaces, allowing you to solder, braze, and heat treat with convenience and ease. The trigger-start ignition makes lighting the torch quick and easy, the maximum-heat swirl flame makes for faster soldering times, and the adjustable flame control knob provides precise flame sizing. This sturdy torch is sure to meet your needs, whether it’s soldering pipes or getting that perfect finish on your handmade wooden furniture.

The solid brass manual torch kit is designed for a variety of uses, from small diameter soldering to thawing frozen pipes. With a 1/2” wide pencil flame, durable brass body, and an adjustable flame control knob, this torch will be great for the general contractor who wants the no-frills solution to getting the job done. But, you’ll need a flint spark lighter to get any flames flying since the torch doesn’t have the means of creating a spark on its own. The spark lighter is easy to use, simply turn the knob on the torch counterclockwise slowly, keeping the spark lighter at a 45° angle to the torch opening (and away from your face), squeeze the lighter to create a spark. If the torch doesn’t light immediately, turn the torch valve clockwise and close it, waiting at least five minutes before trying again. If you feel impatient, just remember, there might be a buildup of flammable gas in the air, which could mean one big fireball and a trip to the emergency room. 

Next is the micro flame torch, which is ideal for precision work around the shop. This includes fine soldering, craft projects, and applying heat-shrink tubing to a wire. This torch features three interchangeable settings: fine soldering, a pinpoint flame, and a hot air blower. With an easy-to-use trigger start and continuous run lock, this torch is perfect for touching up those little projects around the shop.

If you’re looking for a torch that can do it all, look no further than the Multi-Use Torch Kit. This torch is designed for a variety of tasks, including small diameter soldering, heating putty or adhesive, and removing rusty bolts and nuts. Featuring an ergonomically designed grip for comfortable and controlled use, a trigger-start ignition, and an adjustable flame control knob, this kit is handy no matter the situation. It also includes 14.1 oz. propane-filled cylinder.

For other projects, where you might need a wide, flat flame, consider the flame spreader attachment, which can be used with all 1/2" outside diameter burn tips. This can come in handy when you need to burn a large area at once or for soldering with an even distribution of heat. Or, if you’re just looking for something to have handy around the house, consider picking up a flexible lighter. With its wind-proof flame and bendable shape, this lighter is great for both indoor and outdoor use. For instance, it can light any barbeque with ease or light that deep-set candle without burning yourself. So, next time you’re going camping, consider taking Bernzomatic along for the ride!

Parts of a Torch

There are two main parts to any torch: the cylinder, which holds the fuel needed to produce the flame, and the torch head itself. The cylinder can hold any of the three major fuel types: propane, max power propylene (or MAP-Pro), and butane. These fuel types are indicated by the color of the cylinder: blue for propane, yellow for MAP-Pro, red for oxygen, and green represents butane.

Bernzomatic Torch

Fuel Types

Butane is used to refuel micro torches, soldering irons, and other small devices. It comes in a 5.5oz cylinder, which has a universal tip for easy filling, and a cylinder design that makes it look very different than the propane, MAP-Pro, or oxygen cylinders. Butane burns at a lower temperature, 1,760°C to be exact, which allows a more controlled application—perfect for shrink tubing or other small soldering jobs such as wiring.

Propane, in the blue cylinder, is designed to fuel hand torches in order to complete jobs such as soldering pipe, softening putty and adhesives, and removing rusty nuts and bolts. Out of all gases used in torches, propane is the most common. Propane burns at 1898°C and is used as fuel in furnaces for heat, in cooking, and as an energy source for water heaters, laundry dryers, barbeques, portable stoves, and motor vehicles.

MAP-Pro, in the yellow cylinder, is more efficient and burns hotter than propane. This premium fuel is suited for a variety of projects including soldering or brazing large copper pipes, and heat treating. Brazing is the process of joining two pieces of metal together to form one strong, load-bearing joint, without melting the base materials; which is how it differs from welding. You braze materials by melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint, the filler metal having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal. MAP-Pro produces a flame that burns at approximately 1982°C—which is plenty hot enough for most brazing metals.

Oxygen, in the red cylinder, combines with other fuels and produces a high-intensity flame that’s perfect for light welding, cutting thin metal, and hardening metal surfaces. Oxygen, when paired with MAP-Pro is great for those jobs that need a higher burn temperature, such as brazing. For a dual-fuel torch, the answer is the brazing torch kit which includes a burner wand, hose, oxygen regulator, MAP-Pro fuel, oxygen, spark lighter, and more!

How to Use a Bernzomatic Torch?

First, there are some safety protocols you’ll want to keep in mind before you use a torch. Luckily there’s an easy way to remember what you’ll need to do in order to have a safe experience with Bernzomatic torches. It’s the acronym F.U.E.L.:

Bernzomatic Torch
  1. Follow the product label instructions and read any safety warnings before use.
  2. Use appropriate safety gear and clothing, including protective gloves and safety glasses.
  3. Empty your work area of dust, cobwebs, and other flammable debris.
  4. Light your torch only in well-ventilated areas and away from pilot lights, flames, sparks, or other sources of heat.

To use a Bernzomatic torch start with attaching the cylinder to the torch head. To do this simply remove the cylinder cap and screw the cylinder into the torch head until you feel it tighten. Always make sure your torch is turned off and that you turn the cylinder, not the torch so that the torch is never pointed toward your face or body. Also, make sure to hold the cylinder upright while attaching the torch head.

Next, you’ll want to inspect your torch and cylinder for leaks before you light it. If there are no leaks then it is time to light it up. To use your torch, turn the knob counterclockwise and press the ignition. This will create a spark that will light the gas that is flowing through the torch head. After every use, be sure to lock your ignition, turn the adjustment knob fully clockwise until it stops, and remove the cylinder from the torch. Always store your cylinders in well-ventilated areas away from living spaces and out of reach of children. 

Now that you know the different types of torches and fuel cylinders from Bernzomatic, you can get started on that project you’ve been putting off. If you have any other “burning” questions, please feel free to contact us here. And make sure to subscribe to our email notifications so you can keep up to date with things going on here at!

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