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Welcome to OCS Academy Blog! Learn more about our products and its unique application!

Welcome to OCS Academy!

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Here you can learn additional information on many of the products we provide online.

Blog Array: [ id:[blog46], title;EZ Red Testers Makes Automotive Fluid Testing Easy!, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-to-use-ez-red-testers, desc;Making sure your windshield washer fluid, anti-freeze, and battery acid are at quality standards helps ensure your vehicle runs smoothly all winter long. The EZ Red Testers make testing these automotive fluids easy., date;12/29/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;training-in-test-instruments-and-gau, image;[], type;, tags;[automotive, diy, how-to, test-and-measurement, test-instruments-and-gauges]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog17], title;Screw and Bolt Extraction Made Easy, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-to-use-screw-and-bolt-extractors, desc;This time we will be getting a grip on bolt and screw extraction with Hanson's line of bolt extractors, Proto's line of screw extractors, and Viking's line of screw/pipe extractors. We will discuss how to quickly and easily remove even the most stubborn bolts and screws., date;6/9/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;tools-equipment-101, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, diy, drilling-accessories, how-to, june, power-tools, screw-and-bolt-extractors, tools-shop-equipment-and-storage]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog16], title;Glue Whatever and Bond Forever with Amazing GOOP, url;ocs-academy-blogs/glue-whatever-and-bond-forever-with-amazing-goop, desc;Looking for a solution to hold that piece of glass, plastic, or metal back together? Amazing GOOP is your solution. Learn what Amazing GOOP can do for you, date;6/2/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;adhesives-sealants-and-tapes-101, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, adhesives-and-cements, adhesives-sealants-and-tape, diy, how-to, june]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog13], title;Stop Rust with Rust Destroyer, url;ocs-academy-blogs/stop-rust-with-rust-destroyer, desc;Rust can cause a lot of damage over time to bridges, sheds, and even vehicles. That’s why Rust Destroyer is your best protection against rust! Read more to find out application methods and how Rust Destroyer works., date;5/12/2021 12:00:00 AM, category;painters-corner, image;[], type;, tags;[2021, all-paints, diy, how-to, may, paint-and-paint-supplies, rust]]

Blog Array: [ id:[blog6], title;How to Use Seal-All for a Variety of Applications, url;ocs-academy-blogs/how-to-use-seal-all-for-a-variety-of-applications, desc;Seal-All is a multipurpose adhesive that can stick to just about anything. Used by DIY-ers and professionals alike, Seal-All is a repair kit in a tube! Want to learn how to use Seal-All for bonding and leak repair? Read more to find out!, date;12/9/2020 12:00:00 AM, category;adhesives-sealants-and-tapes-101, image;[], type;, tags;[2020, adhesives-and-cements, adhesives-sealants-and-tape, diy, featured, how-to, september]]