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Roughneck Containment Berms, and Environmental Protection

school of safety supplies | Posted: 7/14/2021

Like most things in life, there isn’t one be-all and end-all solution to a problem, sometimes you need a backup plan. That’s why Roughneck has created a line of Berms to help with the containment of wastewater, petroleum products, and various chemicals.

So, What Can Berms Do to Help?

Well, environment Canada regulations require the use of a secondary containment device when using above-ground storage tanks of petroleum products. Basically, the regulation states that if you are using a liquid or other material that will negatively harm the environment. You must have a method in place for containing this liquid if a spill or leak occurs.

Now, the biggest threat during a spill of dangerous chemicals or petroleum products is that they seep into the soil and eventually get into the groundwater. This water then has the potential to make its way into our drinking lines and have devastating effects on human health. But with a Roughneck berm, you can stop contamination from happening before a spill occurs.

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Did you know that there is a law for trucks utilizing ice roads, in northern parts of Canada, that requires them to carry containment berms at all times?

About Portable Containment Berms

One of the methods you can use is to contain the leaked fluid in containment berms from Roughneck. The portable containment berms are made of high-strength, hi-vis PVC material. This one-piece containment vessel easily folds up and down and is reusable, lightweight, and durable. This berm will work for drum storage, under leaking fuel tanks, and is safe with diesel, gas, oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze. It can also handle extreme cold, down to -53 degrees Celsius, as well as high temperatures of up to +57 degrees Celsius.

It is always good practice to have a containment berm on hand because you never know when a leak will occur. These are especially important when working in remote locations where even the smallest number of contaminants can have a serious effect on the environment. Roughneck containment berms can range in size from 2ft. by 2ft. up to 5 ft² and they fold up quite small so they’re easy to store and transport.

Shop’s selection of containment berms and make sure you always have close by or on hand in case of an emergency. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here and make sure to subscribe to our email notifications so you can keep up to date with things going on here at!

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