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Baffin Boots for Canadian Climates

world of work wear | Posted: 1/26/2022

Now, nothing is worse than going outside only to have your toes freeze in seconds, or to be caught off guard by a stray patch of ice. Luckily, Baffin boots are designed to keep you warm, dry, and out of harm’s way, no matter the weather.

Baffin Industrial Brand

The Baffin line of footwear was created to provide protection against Canada’s uncompromising landscapes and rugged climate. Paul Hubner, the founder of Baffin, learned the secret about winter footwear from his father, Peter. Peter spent time in Canada’s Arctic working with local Inuit peoples to source seal skin boots and traditional cold-climate footwear. The secret to how you keep warm in even the coldest climate? Layers! This formula for heat resulted in the fundamental layering structure that Baffin uses in their footwear. Now, I know what you’re thinking… a boot is a boot! But what’s inside these boots is surprisingly impressive.

Parts of a Baffin Boot

We will start with the bottom layer, the sole. The sole of a boot is composed of three parts, the insole, the midsole, and the outsole. The insole is the layer of material that creates a barrier between the sole and the wearer's foot. The midsole is the layer between the insole and the outsole that provides cushioning and shock absorption. It’s also where the safety toe and plate rest, buried beneath the surface to keep your feet safe. The toe and plate may be constructed from steel, or a much lighter, warmer composite material. The outsole is the part of the shoe that touches the ground. The design of the outsole is just as crucial as the design of the boot since different styles of outsoles work better in different environments.

Baffin Boots Best for Canadian Weather

When it's cold outside, keeping warm isn’t the only thing you have to be worried about. The tread design on the outsole is one of the only things between you and a nasty slip on the ice. If your tread pattern is shallow and has a flexible sole, it's designed for all-day on hard surfaces, such as pavement or concrete. This ensures that you’ll stay comfortable for longer while walking on a hard, flat surface. Meanwhile, if your tread is more aggressive, it is designed for use in slick circumstances. That, combined with the non-slip compound of Baffin’s outsole, is what gives you a boot that performs better in slippery conditions.

Another thing to watch out for with tread design is whether or not the pattern on the bottom is enclosed. If it is, and there’s water around… watch out! With an enclosed tread pattern, there’s no place for the liquid to go. It gets trapped under your boot and creates a barrier between your boot and the floor, kind of like a car when it is hydroplaning. That’s why you want a tread pattern that channels water away from your foot, without trapping it in place.

Baffin’s multi-layer system means that your feet stay dry and warm no matter how cold it is outside. Let’s break it down a little, using the Derrick Winter boot as an example.

Starting at the bottom of the boot, we’ve got the vaporized aluminum membrane. This silver-surfaced material reflects your body heat back toward your foot and keeps the cold toward the outside. Next is the waffle cone footbed, which creates a space for warm air underfoot. This keeps enough space open for that reflected body heat to linger, keeping your feet warm. After that is the polyester/wool blend layer, surrounded by two more layers of vaporized aluminum membrane that helps keep your toes safe from any cold, or moisture, in the outside environment.

A hydromax moisture reservoir layer, surrounded by hollow fiber insulation, acts as a moisture control system, keeping the foam layer dry while funneling water vapor out of the boot. After the form-fitting, Baffin polymech foam layer, the innermost layer is the Thermaplush wicking comfort layer. This layer is a next-to-skin layer and feels remarkably soft and smooth, providing super comfortable wear. Encompassing all of this is the premium waterproof coldflex shell. That’s 9 layers all working together to keep you warm!

Find the Right Boot for those Challenging Environments

Baffin’s footwear also features four different rubber outsole compounds in their construction, which will vary based on your needs.

Baffin Boots Best for Canadian Weather

The traditional thermoplastic rubber is best for agriculture and industrial environments and works to keep you warm in temperatures down to minus 40°C. The Hunter insulated rubber boots feature this compound. They are lightweight and flexible with a 1-inch snow cuff to keep your feet warm and dry no matter how much snow might hit the ground. The Hunter boot also features a long-wear, self-cleaning outsole.

Ultraflex is an oil and acid-resistant compound that will stay flexible even at low temperatures. This material is great for agricultural, chemical, and industrial environments. The Bully rubber boots are made using Ultraflex and have a wider fit, a comfort-crafted insole, and a GelFlex fatigue-resistant midsole. This combination helps to keep your feet from aching after a whole day standing on concrete.

Oarprene is a lot like ultraflex, but it stays strong against a wide range of chemicals. This sturdy material is made to last and is recommended for agriculture, chemical, cold weather, construction, industrial, and petrochemical environments. The Refinery insulated rubber boots have all the benefits of the Hunter boots but include a tougher skin and steel toe and plate to keep your feet safe even in an environment with higher levels of risk.

Finally, polyurethane is the perfect fit for any environment! Its lightweight, with abrasion, cold crack, oil, and acid resistance. This compound was specifically engineered for the North American market, so you know this boot will hold up even in the harshest winter! The Ice Bear boots are quite a beast, so to speak. Just look at that lug design! Even on the ice or in extremely cold conditions, this boot will provide you with the superior traction you need. These boots are cold-crack resistant and comfort rated to minus 50°C with a metal-free safety toe and plate.

Baffin also carries a series of winter boots, which are great for that hike up a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm, or that trek to your car across an icy parking lot. The Derrick winter boots have the same outsole design as the Ice Bear, so you know the traction is going to be great! The Derrick has the best features of the other Baffin boots, designed to provide you the most amount of comfort all while keeping you warm. It includes a Gel-Flex midsole and an improved fit to allow for maximum comfort and support. It even has high-visibility reflective strips! Also, these boots are rated up to an amazing minus 100°C! Talk about a chilly day!

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