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Say Good-Bye to Blind Spots with West Coast Mirrors

just for truckers | Posted: 9/15/2021

One of the most intimidating things on the highway is passing a semi-truck. Despite popular belief that truckers can see better because they are higher off the ground, truckers have some serious blind spots that can make it difficult to see other vehicles on the road.

West Coast Mirrors
When you are traveling in a truck’s no-zone, you are at a much higher risk of getting into a collision.

A truck’s blind spots are areas where your car is no longer visible, or where you are too close for the truck to be able to stop or maneuver safely. When you are traveling in a truck’s no-zone, you are at a much higher risk of getting into a collision. The left side of the no-zone begins along with the driver's door and extends toward the middle of the trailer. Even cars right beside the driver’s door on a large truck can be hidden from view! The right side no-zone begins at the front and extends all the way to the back of the trailer. Large trucks have no rear-view mirror, and no way of seeing directly behind their trailer, so they have no way of seeing you. This rear no zone can extend up to 60 meters (200 feet). The front no zone of a truck can extends as far as 6 meters (20 feet) in front of the bumper. A good rule of thumb to have is that if you can’t see the driver’s mirrors the driver can’t see you.

Mirrors to Reduce Blind Spots:

A way for truck drivers to better increase their fields of vision is through the use of mirrors. Now, there’s a variety of mirror options to choose from, but let’s get into some styles we stock here at

West Coast Mirrors
Shop for Stainless steel West Coast Mirrors

Our selection of basic truck side mirrors are called West Coast Mirrors. These mirrors are designed to provide drivers with the maximum visibility possible. They come in aluminumstainless steel, and can be painted white or black. They also come in a heated version for those frosty days or lit for night-time visibility. With so many different options, it's obvious why these mirrors are the top choice for big rigs.

In addition to the standard West Coast Mirrors, trucks commonly have a round convex mirror mounted on or near the doors. Convex mirrors are used on vehicles because they provide a wide-angle, upright image, which expands a driver’s field of view.

Over the door mirrors are another kind of convex mirror that’s used to increase the visibility along the side of the vehicle. These mirrors are surrounded by stainless steel, which means they are resistant to rust.

West Coast Mirrors
Shop for Stainless steel West Coast Combo Mirrors

Another common truck mirror is hood-mounted mirrors. These mirrors are a tripod-mounted system that attaches to the front fender. These increase a driver’s field of view and minimize or eliminate certain blind spots.

Lastly, there’s the combination of West Coast Mirrors. These mirrors bring together the best of both worlds, with a convex spot mirror included at the base of the rectangular shape. If you’re only planning to invest in one type of mirror, this one fits the bill.

When choosing, mounting, and adjusting mirrors it’s important to make sure they have complementary fields of view. This means that what the mirrors reflect should overlap to some degree, but not 100%. If you need replacement parts, like mounting brackets, heating elements, and extension arms, don’t worry, here at we have you covered. We even carry delivery van mirrors, along with light and medium-duty truck mirrors. These mirrors are sized for these types of vehicles to provide the maximum amount of visibility. So, stay safe out there, and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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